Best Buy Timonium, MD, “One Stop Shopping” Failed

Best Buy in Timonium, MD

My husband, Jim, purchased a television and installation services from Best Buy in Timonium, MD. The install date was Thursday, January 19, 2012.

After the purchase, the salesperson took my husband to the Comcast -in-house center to purchase an HD box from Bob. Bob indicated that he had just given the last HD box away, but he told Jim that others should arrive soon.

Bob took Jim’s phone number and told him that he would call when an HD box arrived. He also gave him a Comcast phone number into the Best Buy store.

Jim did not receive any calls on January 16, 17, or 18. He called the Comcast in- store number about 10 times, there was no answering machine and no one answered the phone.

My husband called the store and waited on hold for about 25 minutes while a kind saleswoman tracked Bob down.

Bob told my husband that they did not have any HD boxes. He added that Comcast would not pay for an answering machine.

On January 18, my husband spoke to a woman from Best Buy who confirmed delivery for January 19, between 8a.m. and 12 p.m.

On January 19, I had a question about the cable, and I called Best Buy. During the call, I learned that we were not scheduled for delivery that day.  I changed plans to ensure that I was home. They told me to call dispatch. Don’t you think that it was their job to resolve the problem?

I eventually spoke to the Best Buy assistant manager Dave. He set up delivery for nine days later.

On the second delivery date, we never received a call to confirm our delivery schedule. We were skeptical. My husband called Best Buy and spoke to Becca. She told him that the store manager Mark would return his call to confirm delivery. He never called.

We eventually received the television, however, Best Buy’s “One Stop Shopping” failed.

Has anyone had a similar experience at Best Buy?

2 thoughts on “Best Buy Timonium, MD, “One Stop Shopping” Failed

  1. read your Best Buy (worst customer service) blog. I can’t say I’m surprised. We may as well get used to it…customer service is deteriorating to such a degree that the term is pretty obsolete.

    We’ve had Comcastic explosions around here – they’re no better. And, Safeway and Whole Foods (my specialties) are sorely lacking these days.

    A sign of the times? I think so. With all the lay-offs, shape of the economy – what once was a sales driver (SERVICE) is going the way of the dinosaur.

    Keep your chin up,

    Figville USA

    1. Jenther, thank you for reading my blog. The entire ordeal was frustrating. Purchasing a television with a cable box should not be that difficult. I hope that business owners and executives take note of their customer’s feedback. It is disappointing that good customer service is becoming an anomaly.

      I believe that the poor economy should be a motivating factor for businesses to provide great customer service which would ensure customer loyalty for future sales. What are they thinking?

      It is unlikely that I am running back to Best Buy to purchase anything in the near future.

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