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Fall is the Best Time at the Beach

Fall is the Best Time at the Beach

If you miss salt sticking to your skin as you inhale the sea-laden air or the crunch of Fischer’s sweet caramel popcorn or the rhythm of the reggae beat, you’re in luck. Fall is the best time at the beach. You can still sunbathe, swim, shop, fish, crab, boat, play tennis and golf, visit museums, take classes, and enjoy the nightlife. And you can accomplish all of these activities with less stress.

Maryland/ Delaware Beaches

 Beach-Net is an excellent resource for year-round information for the Maryland/Delaware beaches. It includes an event calendar to maximize your stay.

In addition to an abundance of activities, you can enjoy money-saving travel packages and take advantage of off-season restaurant specials and promotions that often include happy hour specials.

Temperate Weather makes Fall the Best Time at the Beach

  • Clear skies and mild temperatures are the best beach weather ingredients.
  • The ocean has warmed over the hot summer months, and the water temperature is more comfortable on your skin.
Uncrowded East Coast Resort Town
Crowds are limited during the off-season in this Delaware beach resort.

Reduced Crowds Make Fall the Best Time at the Beach

  • You arrive at your destination quicker with less traffic.
  • Bike riding is less dangerous than during high season.
  •  Restaurant hostesses can seat you quickly.
  • It’s easy to find a parking place at retail stores, and inside it’s unlikely that you will have to wait in line.
  • Golf tee times and tennis court reservations are usually available.
  • Beaches are less crowded, and sometimes no one is in sight.

Relaxed Rules Make Fall the Best Time at the Beach

  • Surf fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and surfboarding are allowed during the day.
  • Dogs are permitted on the beach during specified dates, depending on the town.
A man walks his dog on the beach in Delaware.
Fall is the best time at the beach because dogs are allowed on most beaches during the off-season.

Best Time for Heavy Blue Crabs

Fall is the best time to enjoy heavy steamed blue crabs. Most Importantly,  I recommend the following restaurants for eat-in or carry-out steamed crabs. They include  Captain Mac’s Fish House & Seafood Market, The Crab Bag, and Fenwick Crab House, in that order.

Vacation Packages and Deals

  • Restaurants run specials and advertise happy hour prices to draw customers.
  • Hotels offer vacation packages, and condominium and beach-house-rental costs drop.
  • Shoppers can stock up at “end of season” sales.

In my opinion, fall is the best time at the beach because there are plenty of things to do in Ocean City, Maryland, or at the Delaware Beaches including fall festivals.

As a result of the weather, vacation packages, and off-season restaurant specials, fall is the best time for money-saving travel.  Therefore, during those off-season travel months, stick your feet in the ocean and squeeze the sand between your toes and enjoy the quiet.

Do you prefer the crowds during the hot summer months or do you think fall is the best time at the beach?

Also, do you plan to vacation during the off-season travel months and take advantage of vacation packages?

If you have taken advantage of off-season travel, what was your best money saving travel deal?

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