BGE – Slow Response, Inaccurate Information

We lost power for 7 days from Hurricane Irene. Our power went out on Saturday, August 27, about 11:00 p.m. It was restored by 4:30 p.m. the following Saturday. Please click on this link to view a previous Hurricane Irene post.

I spoke to Linda Foy, she is the spokesperson for BGE. I asked her what they did differently from Hurricane Isabel. She said they had external linemen and supports in place before the storm. If you click on this link, PRNewswire, it appears that they did this for Hurricane Isabel. She also said they used social networking sites to communicate with customers.

BGE customer service gave us inaccurate information daily. The phone message said that our power would be restored on Tuesday, August 29 by 11:00 p.m. The Wednesday message said that it would be restored by that evening. On Thursday we were guaranteed, by a spokesperson, that it would be restored by Thursday evening. We still had no power. On Friday, a crew showed up, and we had power for 20 minutes. The power went out, and the crew left. When the crew returned that evening, they discovered that we needed an underground crew. We had to wait until Saturday. If the crew would have stayed earlier to investigate the problem, I wonder if they could have gotten the underground crew on Friday. Since it was late, we had to wait another day.

The BGE foreman and linemen followed up with us, on Saturday, to ensure that our power was restored. We appreciated their help.

Linda Foy said that the customer service representatives and the automated line take information from the customer and give a preliminary time for restoration. Once the crew is on the scene, the crew may encounter unforeseen problems that may require additional equipment.

Linda Foy also said that they have a robust tree trimming program. They canvass the area to take necessary steps. Do you see many areas in Maryland where trees overhang wires?

One other point, my husband called our 3rd District Councilman, Todd Huff, 3 times, and he left messages. To our knowledge, we never received a return call. Please click on this link for his home page.

What is your experience with BGE? I would love to know.

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