Ellen's offers outdoor dining.

Brunch All Day: Ellen’s Restaurant Dallas

Ellen’s Restaurant

While staying at the NYLO Irving/Las Colinas in Texas, we decided that we wanted to eat breakfast in Dallas and explore the JFK museum. We googled best diners in Dallas, and Ellen’s restaurant appeared in the top five on Yelp’s and Trip Advisor’s lists.

Deciding to give Ellen’s a try, we hopped in an Uber for the twenty-minute drive to Dallas. We found that Ellen’s was not only within walking distance of The Sixth Floor Museum, but it was also conveniently located in the West End Historic District near several attractions.

In the food category, we felt that Ellen’s was a winner. We enjoyed our delicious breakfast served by our efficient friendly waiter.

Near Ellen's Dallas, Texas, West End Historic District sign with map
You will find many attractions in the West End Historic District including Ellen’s.

Ellen’s Southern Restaurant

Ellen’s is everything that you would expect from a southern restaurant. They serve brunch all day. The food and the family atmosphere made us feel like we had gone home to our mother’s for Sunday brunch or dinner.

Ellen’s Dallas Menu

You can find specialties like Shrimp and Grits or Pancake Pot Pie; Mexican dishes; and traditional selections like eggs your way, omelets, pancakes, and French toast. Also, you can choose from salads or starters, sandwiches, or entrees like Ellen’s Prime Meatloaf or Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Their website says it all: grits rule.

Prices start at $4 for a la carte items like oatmeal or soup to $27 for blackened salmon.

Entrance to Ellen's Restaurant
Ellen’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Not only does Ellen’s restaurant satisfy those with an enormous appetite, but you can find lighter options too. Examples include a variety of salads and grilled chicken or fish. Most importantly, Ellen’s caters to tastes on many levels.

In addition to their brunch menu, the restaurant has a coffee bar that serves made to order cold and hot tea, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and more. They also provide a variety of syrups to flavor your drink.

Speaking of bars, you can sit at Ellen’s full-service bar and grab a cocktail or meal.

Ellen’s Brunch All Day

Opened in 2012, Ellen’s touts serving comfort food made with fresh vegetables and produce. Furthermore, whenever possible, they use local ingredients.

Patrons sit at Ellen's bar
Ellen’s restaurant in Dallas, Texas, features a full service bar.

 Ellen’s Dallas, Texas

We arrived on Saturday morning around 10:30. We spotted people outside waiting to be seated, and the hostess told us that it would be about a fifteen-minute wait. But that was not the case. Since there were only two of us, the hostess seated us within five minutes. 

We were hungry, and as we sat at our table, we inhaled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that mingled with smoky bacon. Our waiter arrived quickly and greeted us with a smile and comments laced with humor. We liked him immediately.

Determined to order breakfast Texas style, I ordered Huevos Rancheros, though  I was initially apprehensive about fried egg yolks seeping over the other ingredients.

I must admit that I also ordered pancakes on the side. I wanted to try something spicy and I had hoped to accommodate my sweet tooth too. 

My husband had ordered a bacon and cheddar cheese omelet. Since he doesn’t like change, he requests this meal about ninety percent of the time. On the bright side, this practically makes him a connoisseur of bacon and cheese omelets so that we can trust his opinion.

 Ellen's Mexican specialty Huevos Rancheros
Ellen’s Huevos Rancheros consist of fried tortillas and eggs, refried beans, and salsa ranchera.

Ellen’s Restaurant Entrees

Since everything is big in Texas, the size of my Huevos Rancheros shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. Along with the pancakes, I knew that I had overordered, but I didn’t care. Anyway, I had planned to skip lunch.

Ellen’s Huevos Rancheros

When I cut into the Huevos Rancheros, they seemed a little juicy. But they tasted delicious.

The Huevos Rancheros consisted of a bottom layer of shredded lettuce, then salsa ranchera and refried beans. The chef topped this combination with two fried eggs sprinkled with shredded cheese then added the fried tortillas.

The shredded lettuce and fried tortillas added crunch, and the refried beans and the tomato-based salsa ranchera gave the dish a zing. The chef fried the eggs perfectly and the ingredients complemented each other.

The dish had the right amount of spices, and as you already suspect, the Huevos Rancheros satisfied my appetite.

Powdered sugar sprinkled over Ellen's pancakes
Ellen’s buttermilk pancakes tasted light and fluffy.

Ellen’s Buttermilk Pancakes

I pretended that the pancakes were my dessert, and I even shared some with my husband. They tasted light, and the maple syrup catered to my desire for sugar. Moreover, I rarely indulge in breakfasts that are as large as this one, but I enjoyed every bite. 

 Bacon and Cheese Omelet

Hash browns and a choice of bread accompanied my husband’s bacon and cheese omelet. The cook prepared the omelet with ample fillings. The bacon crunched slightly and blended well with the melted cheddar cheese.

The hash browns were not an overwhelming portion and were slightly crisp on the outside. Plus, the rye bread was lightly toasted as my husband had requested. He thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast.

Ellen's bacon and cheddar omelet
Ellen’s bacon and cheddar cheese omelets are served with toast and hash browns.

Outdoor Seating

Additionally, Ellen’s offers outdoor seating at tables equipped with umbrellas.

Afternoon Tea

As of June 21, for $50 per person, you can reserve a seat for afternoon tea that begins at 3 p.m. on Thursdays. Tables accommodate four to six guests, and if you don’t fill a table, you may sit with others.

Ellen’s Restaurant Review

Our waiter arrived at our table quickly and served our food when it was hot. We feel that Ellen’s menu offers a wide range of selections and that the quality measured up to the Yelp and Trip Advisor ratings. The mid-price range was about $15, so we thought that the cost was reasonable.

Furthermore, their location is a plus since it within walking distance of historic attractions.  Also, we noticed customers sipping mimosas and Bloody Marys, and we liked the option to order something from the bar.

Ellen’s Restaurant Hours

Monday – Saturday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.


West End Historic District Downtown

1790 N Record Street, Dallas, TX 75202

Reservations Accepted

Phone: 469-206-3339

Online Reservations

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13 thoughts on “Brunch All Day: Ellen’s Restaurant Dallas

  1. Sounds excellent. Funny your husband orders the same thing all the time. Huevos Rancheros is one of my favorite breakfast, it is interesting they served it with the tortillas on top. I am going to have to check this place out next time I am in Dallas. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  2. We ended up here after a lunch and I was shocked by the mid-week lunch wait time! The service was really terrible, too… but I’m glad to hear that your experience was different! Maybe it really was a one-off. I can’t remember what I ate now, but I thought the ambiance was super cute and it’s convenient to everything downtown!

    1. Sara, I also saw some mixed reviews and I guess you can have a bad experience at any restaurant. But to make it in the top ten on Yelp and Trip Advisor, they must have received some excellent reviews. Luckily we had a good experience. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am not surprised that you found a delicious place to eat in Dallas. We visited two years ago and we has problems deciding where to eat because we wanted to try everything. We had great breakfast, donuts and gastropub fare. Plus, the BBQ was incredible! #WanderfulWednesday

    1. Ruth, like you I love southern food and there’s nothing like southern barbecue. I also saw several restaurants in Dallas that I would have liked to try, but we had limited time. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Yelp and Trip Advisor steered us in the right direction with their Ellen’s recommendations. Like you, I also love grits, so maybe next time…Thanks for commenting.

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