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Catherine Marie Cruise in Annapolis, Maryland–Cake Theft

I recently attended a business dinner in Annapolis, MD. Quaint brick-lined sidewalks, boutiques, seafood restaurants, and colorful cedar-shake houses with window boxes that spill summer flowers adorn Annapolis. The harbor teems with yachts, powerboats and sailboats that vie for attention in “ego alley.”

My husband and I stepped aboard the Catherine Marie, that was docked in the Annapolis harbor, for a wine-tasting-dinner cruise. We sipped wine and enjoyed a delicious dinner. The sommelier paired Italian wine from various regions for each course and we enjoyed lively conversation and laughter with the people at our table.

Everything went well, until the dreaded dessert course. As we sipped dessert wine, the sommelier suggested that we should accompany the wine with chocolate.

Great idea! I waited until the dessert line lessened, and I got in line (at the end, of course) with Wendy from our table. When I stepped up to the dessert bar, I noticed that two pieces of chocolate cake remained. I handed a piece of cake to Wendy. As I reached for my piece, a woman rushed to the other side of the bar (without standing in line) and grabbed the last piece of cake. She said, “I think that I will take that!” My mouth dropped open and I stared into her eyes. I thought that she might quickly stuff the cake in her mouth to save it from me. I hoped in vain, that she would return the cake to its rightful owner. The cake culprit carried my chocolate cake with my chocolate icing to her table. How could she possibly enjoy it knowing that it was just inches from the grasp of the person who waited in line. If I was a few seconds faster, I would have had my hand on the plate. I wonder if she would have pulled it away. We could have had an “I Love Lucy Show” on the Catherine Marie.

I returned to my table with my head down and cakeless. Wendy offered me the cake that I handed to her. I tried to refuse, (honestly), but she insisted. It was a very nice gesture.

“The Case of the Stolen Chocolate Cake” generated loud laughs from our table, and I have a new story to tell at my next dinner party.

If you spot me in a dessert line, watch out!

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