Comcast’s Corporate-Customer-Service-Phone Number

My Comcast experience this week had been so frustrating that I called the corporate office to get service.  You can find the Comcast corporate phone number at the end of my post. Following is a list of some of  our  phone calls to Comcast customer service:

  1.   At the beginning of the week, Sunday or Monday, we called 1-800 COMCAST, and we asked for an appointment by Friday — we had been without service for a few days. The Comcast representative told us that they couldn’t schedule an appointment until Monday a week. I did not plan to be home the following Monday, and we thought that was too long to wait.
  2.   On the next call, a representative told us and that we would have to pay for the service call and we would receive a rebate. We didn’t understand why we would have to pay for a service call if the issue was with Comcast.
  3.   On the next call, we spoke to a representative who put my husband on hold for 10 minutes twice, while she supposedly spoke to a supervisor. She set up an appointment for Thursday and offered my husband a $30 rebate and free channels for a year. She told him that someone would call my cell phone within 30 minutes to confirm the appointment. No one called.
  4.   My husband called Comcast again about Thursday’s appointment. We learned that the appointment was scheduled for Friday and it was not to fix our service but to switch our phone to Comcast. We felt that we had been misled.
  5.   My husband asked to speak to a supervisor and waited 22 minutes to speak to Christopher. Christopher said that he would try to set up an appointment, and we would hear from Comcast. No one called.
  6.   I spoke to a representative Wednesday who set up an appointment for Friday from 1 – 3 p.m. I asked him if the appointment was confirmed, he said yes.
  7.  I called Comcast the next day to check my confirmed appointment, the recording said that my appointment was scheduled for Monday.
  8.   I called the corporate office and spoke to a representative who filed a report and informed me that someone from the regional office would contact me shortly.  I waited a few hours, and I never heard from the regional office.
  9.  I called the corporate office again. The corporate representative gave me the name and phone number of the regional customer service representative who had our case. She said that the representative from the regional office had sent my husband an email instead of contacting me.
  10.  . I called the regional representative who was handling my case twice, and I did not receive a return call. I called the corporate office again, and they kept me on the line for about 10 minutes while they contacted him.
  11.   He finally called me and said that he had sent an email to my husband — to an address that never existed.
  12.  I asked him to please send Comcast service technicians to my home today, Thursday, I was out of patience.
  13.   Technicians arrived within 10 minutes and spent a few hours and resolved the Comcast issue.

If you can’t get service using 1-800- COMCAST, try the corporate number 215-286-1700.


One thought on “Comcast’s Corporate-Customer-Service-Phone Number

  1. To whom this may concern:
    My name is Cheryl. I have been a Comcast customer for several years, with several problems with the Comcast service beginning this year. Early spring, I had problems with my television and internet services that were never resolved after 4 visits from 4 technicians.
    With so many visits and no resolution, I decided I might have to live with the problems if I wanted to remain a Comcast customer. This brings me to July 14th, I have to go from the west side of Indianapolis, IN to the northeast side when there used to be an office on the west side, a nice distance from my home but closer than the northeast side where I now have to go.
    The reason for the visit was to exchange a digital box that stopped working. I told the customer service representative that I also needed to pay my bill while I was there, and was told that if I paid the Comcast bill while standing in the Comcast Center I would be charged an additional $2.00 because there are several methods for paying the bill without additional fees. I know this because I normally pay through my bank, but decided since I had to go to the office I would pay while I was there. I feel this absurd first that Comcast will charge a fee to pay your bill while standing in their office, and to believe that the company thinks its customer too stupid to see when they are squeezed for every dime by Comcast.
    The next time that I step foot into this office which is inconvenient, too small to handle the stream of customers coming in and out, I will be there to return the equipment belonging to Comcast. Hopefully, there won’t be a fee for that!

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