Core in Timonium, MD and Debbie Schultz

I drag myself out of my car and stumble into Core to exercise with DebbieSchultz once or twice per week.  After my workout, I sprint to my car like an Olympic athlete.  (Okay, I leave Core with more energy.)

 I work out at home regularly, but I am likely to exercise more often when I 

Debbie Schultz
Debbie Schultz

have a weekly commitment with Deb.  I also work harder than if I exercise alone. She encourages me to try new exercises and movements.

  I see a difference in my balance and muscle tone. I am stronger.  If I listened to all of her suggestions, (and didn’t drink wine and eat sweets) I would be very fit. I selectively follow her suggestions as long as they don’t interfere with my lifestyle. (I can’t give up everything.)

 Exercising with Deb is fun and challenging.  She adjusts my routine to work different muscle groups. She watches my form with each exercise to ensure that I do it correctly to prevent injury or death from lack of coordination. She also tells me which part of my body benefits from a particular exercise. This information makes the difficult exercises seem a little easier.

  After I warm up, we usually start with a plank. Often she asks me to do a backward lunge with a step platform (My platform is much lower than the previous video, and I use lighter weights.)  This is one of the more difficult exercises,  it increases my heart rate and it  tones the hamstrings and glutes.  Another exercise that I do is the wood chop, which tones the abs and obliques.  I use the stability ball to do a bridge leg curl in which tightens the abs, glutes and legs and the dumbbell press which works my chest and arms. These are just a few of Deb’s tortures, I mean exercises.

 I also work harder if I am conditioning with a small group.  I go that extra mile because I don’t want to be the one taking a nap while the other ladies are sweating.  I burn extra calories by attempting to keep up with the group.  I attempt to look coordinated and not stumble.  Oh well, one can only try!

 Deb mixes my routine to make it fun and effective. Most of the exercises work several muscle groups at once, therefore it takes less time to get the most benefit.

 I dislike large gyms where members are concerned about their social life, attire, make up and coiffed hair. I like Core because it is never too crowded and the clients are there to exercise then leave, like me. 

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  1. Great article, Dorothy, almost makes me want to put my tennis shoes on! Instead, I’ll raise my glass of red wine to you…

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