Where to stay in Douro Valley: Delfim Douro Hotel

Delfim Douro Hotel Stay in Douro Valley

Our Stay in Douro Valley

If you are looking for Douro Valley hotels, I suggest the Delfim Douro Hotel. Ironically, for our stay in Douro Valley, we chose the Delfim Douro by default. But after checking their website and the Delfim Douro TripAdvisor reviews, I felt comfortable with our choice. Additionally, I immediately liked the Delfim Douro Hotel agent’s friendly professionalism.

Late Booking for Harvest

My mistake was that I had booked late for harvest season. Consequently, I found it difficult to find availability in Douro Valley hotels, or wine estates, also called quintas.  However, I was fortunate enough to snag a couple of rooms for our family of four at the Delfim Douro Hotel. It worked out perfectly for us.

Vineyards line the Douro River
The Douro Valley produces port, table wine, olive oil, and almonds.

Search for Douro Valley Hotels

Though my daughter pestered me for weeks to book our hotel, I procrastinated. I didn’t begin my search for Douro Valley hotels until about three weeks before our arrival. Finally, I googled “where to stay in Douro Valley.”

When I found that most quintas and hotels were booked for harvest season, I engaged the help of an American Express travel agent. Within an hour, she had found availability at the Delfim Douro Hotel in Douro Valley, Portugal.

Before jumping on this opportunity, I googled their website; then I checked the Delfim Douro TripAdvisor reviews. After reading several opinions from travelers who loved the Delfim Douro Hotel, I had made my decision.

Delfim Douro Hotel
The Douro River flows below the steps of the Delfim Douro Hotel in Portugal.

Delfim Douro Hotel

I immediately sent the Delfim Douro Hotel an email requesting two rooms for two nights. Alexandra Cabral, an agent from the Delfim Douro Hotel, responded to me within five minutes with the price for a twin room for our adult children and a double room with a king bed for my husband and me.

Within a few minutes, I sent them an email to confirm the two rooms. Alexandra responded by welcoming us to Douro Valley. Plus, she informed me that the price of the guest rooms included breakfast and she added that my email was enough to guarantee the rooms.

Surprised that she didn’t want a credit card for confirmation, I called the hotel. I liked Alexandra Cabral immediately. She could not have been more personable. Also, she assured me that they didn’t need a credit card for confirmation. Little did I know that the fact that we hadn’t confirmed with a credit card would haunt us later.

Delfim Douro Hotel
The Delfim Douro hotel offers a vista view of Douro Valley and the Douro River.

First Impressions Last

Three weeks later when we arrived at the Delfim Douro, I was happy to meet Alexandra Cabral. She greeted us with a smile and began checking us into the rooms. Her kindness impressed me, and I wondered if she was one of the owners.

She answered some questions about our stay in Douro Valley and the wine harvest tour at Quinta da Pacheca. Then we asked about lunch recommendations. As expected, Alexandra highly suggested that we try the Delfim Douro restaurant for lunch. Since we had traveled five hours by train and we were hungry, we took her advice and decided to eat at the hotel.

She handed out our keys and ensured us that she was available to assist with anything that we needed.

Douro Valley Hotels

What struck me about the Delfim Douro and the other Portugal hotels is that you walk, or take the elevator, down to the guest rooms from the reception area. Since many of the towns and villages are built on hills, you walk in on the reception floor and walk down to your room. In the case of the Delfim Douro Hotel, if you descend three levels, you reach ground level.

Delfim Douro Hotel in Lamego, Portugal
We booked this double room with a king size bed.

Delfim Douro Hotel View

From the reception area, we walked down one floor to our rooms that were located next to each other. We opened our door, and my eyes gazed past the room and out the glass door to the Douro Valley vineyards.

Then, we walked out to the balcony that was just large enough for a sling chair, though two or more could stand and overlook the Douro Valley. Additionally, the decks offered no privacy, and you could see and hear anyone else that stepped outside from their room. But, during our stay in Douro Valley, I only saw a few people on their patio.

Douro Delfim Hotel is one of the hotels in Lamego, Portugal
This view is from the balcony looking in the double room.

Delfim Douro Hotel Rooms

Cleanliness is at the top of my list, and our rooms were clean and tidy. They were spartanly furnished with a chair and bed and little room for storage. Additionally, the room included a closet and a few open shelves. Luckily, the lack of storage didn’t affect us since we were spending less than 48 hours at the hotel, so we weren’t unpacking anyway.

Delfim Douro Room Amenities

We found a few toiletries that included a soap, shower gel, shampoo, and lotion. Plus the hotel supplied a hairdryer. A large flat-screen TV hung on the wall opposite the bed, and a minibar had been placed in the closet.

Where to stay in Lamego, Portugal
Amenities at the Delfim Douro Hotel include a game room and pool table.

Delfim Douro Hotel Amenities

Though the Delfim Douro Hotel services a variety of guests including twenty-somethings, families with children, and some over sixty, it appeared that the Delfim Douro was geared to appeal to millennials. For example, along with traditional outdoor seating they offered bean bag chairs.

Delfim Douro TripAdvisor, Delfim Douro Hotel, Stay in Douro Valley Hotels
The reception area leads to the game room at the Delfim Douro Hotel.

The hotel includes Restaurant Rio that offers a vista view while you dine. Plus a terrace runs the length of the hotel and overlooks the Douro Valley and Douro River. Additionally, you can find a cozy bar tucked in the corner. Guests can enjoy a swim in the pool, or games in the game room, or play billiards. 

A bar with a table and white stone walls
A cozy bar is steps from the pool.

Delfim Douro Restaurant

As mentioned above, we took Alexandra’s advice and dined at the Delfim Douro Restaurant, and we didn’t regret it. We ate outside on a picture-perfect day overlooking the Douro Valley and Douro River. The atmosphere was chill. With five tables outside everyone drank wine and port and spoke in soft tones. Most of the guests dawdled over lunch for well over an hour while absorbing the view. 

We sipped rosé while dining on vegetable soup, salad, snapper, and octopus. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and ambiance. Though it took a good ten minutes for our waiter to arrive, we felt that he provided efficient service. Most importantly,  our dining experience enhanced our stay in Douro Valley.

Delfim Douro Hotel
The Delfim Douro restaurant offers a panoramic view of Douro Valley.

Douro Valley Tips

If you are looking for hotels in the Douro Valley region during harvest season, you should book as early as possible for the best selection. Though we stayed at the Delfim Douro Hotel by default, I would highly recommend that you consider it as one of your options. I liked their friendly staff, the magnificent view, and the restaurant.

Credit Card Tip

Don’t let this happen to you

As mentioned above, unlike in the United States, the Delfim Douro Hotel didn’t take our credit card to confirm our room. Even when we checked in, they took our passport information but didn’t run the credit card.

In the United States, when we feel rushed, we leave the hotel without checking out, and we receive the bill later. Though we knew that we were supposed to check out, we didn’t realize that they hadn’t run the credit card at all. We stopped at the desk laden with our luggage, but we didn’t wait to check out because the agent was speaking to a group in front of us and we were trying to meet our train.

The Douro River divides vineyards
The Douro River cuts through the Douro Valley wine region.

We left without checking out

Leave it to us to hop in the getaway cab without paying our bill. The front desk agent called us in the taxi and asked us to return and present our credit card in person. They wouldn’t take the credit card information over the phone, and I didn’t blame them.

So, the cab driver flew back, and we checked out properly. The driver barreled back to the train station, and we barely made our train.

Ultimately, it was our mistake. Hopefully, the hotel staff didn’t think that we were bandits who planned to rob them by not paying for our stay in Douro Valley.

Hotels in Lamego, Portugal include the Delfim douro Hotel
The Delfim Douro Hotel pool overlooks the Douro Valley.

Delfim Douro TripAdvisor Reviews

For more information check out the Delfim Douro TripAdvisor reviews. They received a 4.5 rating and were one of the top B&B’s in the area.

For us, the Douro Valley region offered the chance to take a breath from our busy schedule and enjoy the scenery. Consequently, the hotel’s ambiance enhanced our wine experience.

Would you stay in Douro Valley at the Delfim Douro Hotel?  Have you ever tried to book a hotel during tourist season and scrambled to find a room?

What do you think about our credit card experience? Please leave your thoughts below.

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