The Elizabeth Taylor Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.

Travel Tips and Tricks

House in the British West Indies, Caribbean
I used one of my travel tips and tricks to rent this Caribbean house at a reduced rate.

Travel Tips and Tricks

These are some of my best money saving travel tips and tricks. Following these tips will not only reduce your cost, but they will enable you to travel lighter. Also, I include tips to obtain tickets to sold-out shows, and I add my best travel advice for flying with young children.

If you are wondering how to save money while traveling, you can cut costs by choosing an apartment, condominium, or villa over a hotel room. At the very least, you will avoid room service charges. Also, check that the rental is equipped with a washer and dryer so that you can pack light.

If you are staying in a hotel, the concierge can usually book you into shows that are presumably sold out. Another option is calling American Express Platinum concierge services because they have access to tickets.

I have traveled with my children since they were born. Therefore,  you will find tips for traveling and flying with young children.

One of these tips helps you keep your children occupied on airplane flights without disturbing fellow passengers. This travel tip reduces your stress and those within earshot. Please check out the advice below.

Money Saving Travel Tips

  • Check hotel websites like for the best deals.

During the off-season, I  had booked a room at the Waldorf Astoria and used a site that compared hotel rates. We received a deep discount on a place that was two doors from The Elizabeth Taylor Suite.  I checked my bill to ensure that my confirmed price was correct so that my husband wouldn’t kill me. Luckily, the price they quoted me was accurate.

  • After reviewing the online prices, call the hotel and ask for their best deal.


  • If you are a repeat guest, inform the person making your reservation, because they usually try to accommodate returning customers.


  • American Express Fine Hotel and Resorts Program offer a daily $100 credit and breakfast for two; and when available: early check-in, late checkout, and free upgrades. Sometimes these benefits offset a high room rate. Call in advance and check the upgrade possibilities, and book the upgraded room at the lower price.


  • Instead of eating breakfast in the hotel, ask the concierge for their favorite local diner. In addition to leaving your hotel room early, you will likely get a good value and usually a satisfying meal.


  • Take your drink of choice to your hotel room instead of using the bar or room service.

I learned this trick from my mother-in-law who would invite us in her hotel room and pour us drinks from her bottle that she had bought.

Condominiums, Apartments, Villas 

  • If traveling with more than three people, it’s usually more economical to rent a condo or an apartment than book a hotel suite or two separate rooms. Also, the ability to refrigerate food is a plus.


  • Ensure that your rental has a washer and dryer and pack light.


  • Try to meet the owner.

We had a situation where we had to leave a prepaid rental early. The owner worked with us so that we could use our missed days later. As a result, we are loyal customers.


  • Another reason to avoid hotel rooms is that you don’t have that $18 chocolate candy on the minibar within reach calling your name.

Last Minute Travel Bargains

  • Sometimes, we make last-minute travel decisions, and we have found great deals.

For example, I had reserved a place two weeks before a  trip during high season that would have been out of our price range. Though I was looking for a condo, the online agent found an available house and the owner reduced the price considerably to ensure that we booked it.

Two days before another trip, while I considered two apartments from different agencies, the condominium manager gave us a $1,000 discount to close the sale.

I had also booked airline flights days before travel and received a better rate than my husband who booked the same trip a month in advance. However, there is no guarantee that you will lock in a better rate booking late, and you may pay more.

Dining and Theater Reservations

  • If you are unable to reserve theater seats or another venue, ask American Express Platinum travel services to check availability.

We have made reservations and booked fifth-row seats for a show that was presumably sold out.

  • The hotel concierge usually has access to tickets that are unavailable online or by phone.

Traveling and Flying With Children

  • If you are flying with a toddler, buy a bag of Dollar Store items that he or she can open on the plane.

This trick has helped avoid stress for us and anyone nearby.

  • Always take toys to restaurants to occupy your children.


  • Travel with your kids, even if they are adults because they urge you to try new activities.

Though I’m unsure whether I need my children to encourage me to try new and sometimes dangerous exploits, in any case, I treasure our time together traveling as a family. Furthermore, I am still attempting to become comfortable with some of these escapades.

Become a Loyal Customer

  • If you have had a good experience with a particular business, you should become a frequent customer. Since companies regularly hear about their mistakes, if you have something good to say, write a note to the management.  You will stand out.

Hotel Commonwealth

When our daughter played sports at Boston University, my husband and I had traveled to Boston almost monthly. We always stayed at the Hotel Commonwealth. Since we were regulars, the staff welcomed us by name and tried to ensure that we received a lovely room and excellent customer service.

As frequent guests, the Hotel Commonwealth management had extended tickets to us for one of their main events the Head of the Charles Regatta. We accepted the invitation and sipped wine under white tents; listened to live music; and watched the race.

In another instance, one of the manager’s had brought a new coffeemaker to our room for us to test before they ordered them for the hotel.

In other words, if you find a nice hotel in an area where you visit often, become a regular guest.


As shown above, I hope that my travel tips help you pack lighter, save money and avoid stress while flying with children. Moreover, my suggestion for acquiring show tickets has never failed.

 Add your travel tips and tricks

If you have had success using any of my travel tips and tricks, please let me know. Ultimately, feel free to add your travel suggestions in the comment section below.


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Travel Safe and Travel Well


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