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Do you loaf while on vacation and call it exercise? Do you drag your chair to the beach like a slug and pass out from overexertion? Is swatting green flies, and killing one, the highlight of your day? Are you on a see-food diet like me? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then go play tennis! If you don’t know how you can take lessons. Wouldn’t it be great to return home from vacation more fit? That is my goal. What is your vacation goal?

The Ocean City Tennis Center offers activities, for all ages, from May through September. They are located at 61st Street, on the bay side, in Ocean City, Maryland. Their phone number is 410-524-8337.

There are 6 hard courts and 3 Har-Tru clay. The Ocean City Tennis Center offers clinics, tennis camps, lessons, and leagues.

The women’s doubles tennis games, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m., are fun and competitive. The minimum play level is intermediate. Of course, there are many levels of intermediate.Players must sign up in advance. 

Ladies return yearly to play doubles. Some live in Ocean City, or the surrounding areas and some players may visit for only a week or two. New players are welcome.

I love playing in the Tuesday and Friday league. It forces me to rise early, exercise and socialize. After tennis, I can enjoy the beach and snack without guilt.

Marie Thomas coordinates the schedule. She ensures that the players are well matched, but they can also play with different levels. 

During the busiest season, Marie adds tennis days, such as “Wild Card Wednesdays” to accommodate the many people who want to play. She also promotes “Tennis Flings,” which include a luncheon and prizes. It’s an excellent opportunity to socialize.

Last year, Marie had a “Housewives of Ocean City Fling.” The gaudy outfits and jewelry were hilarious. She is creative and ensures an enjoyable tennis experience. She also does her best to get players in the Tuesday and Friday lineup whether they are regular or new players.

I have met many new friends at the Ocean City Tennis Center. Playing tennis adds a new dimension to my summer vacation. Tennis anyone?

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