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Gracie’s On West Main: Homestyle Cooking

Restaurants in Leola, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for restaurants in Leola, Pennsylvania, don’t miss Gracie’s on West Main. During a recent visit to Pennsylvania and on recommendations from our friends we headed to Leola to try selections from Gracie’s breakfast menu. In my opinion, it measured up to the enthusiastic reviews.

Though Gracie’s menu includes healthy options like salads, their downhome cooking will entice you to suspend your diet. Moreover, a visit to Gracie’s on West Main is like a trip back to your childhood when your mother made mouthwatering meals without care for calories and fat.

Gracie's breakfast
Gracie’s on West Main features comfort food.

Gracie’s on West Main

Gracie’s On West Main not only buys their meat and produce from local farmers, but they make their food from scratch. Even their sauces, dressings, and jams are housemade.

If this doesn’t impress you enough and you want to read reviews, Trip Advisor rates them as the #1 place to eat in Leola. Not only that, but Gracie’s on West Main is renowned for serving one of the top grilled cheese sandwiches in the country.

Gracie’s Breakfast

We arrived on a Sunday and parking was a breeze. We grabbed a spot directly across the street from the restaurant. When we entered Gracie’s, we saw large parties lining the wall waiting to be seated. Luckily we didn’t have to wait, and the hostess greeted us and led us to a table.

We sat at our table for two, and we couldn’t miss the chalk art on the blackboards that hung on the walls of the restaurant. Not only did the colorful art feature food and drink specialties, but you could read famous and anonymous inspirational quotes on the boards. Browsing them was a nice diversion. Additionally, Gracie changes the boards regularly adapting them to the seasons and holidays.

Gracie’s on West Main Menu

Our waitress arrived promptly and greeted us with a smile. She filled our cups with coffee. On a minor point, my husband mentioned that he preferred a more substantial coffee cup, and the waitress added that it wasn’t the first time that she had heard that comment.

Two pieces of grilled banana bread.
The grilled banana bread tasted beyond decadent.

Grilled Banana Nut Bread

We wanted to get a feel for the restaurant, and we over ordered planning to take some of our food home. We couldn’t resist trying one of the specialties, the grilled banana nut bread, on the Gracie’s on West Main menu. The dish included two dense slices of banana bread dusted with powdered sugar and served with whipped cinnamon honey butter. We loved that the bread was warm. The temperature enhanced the banana flavor, and grilling gave it a crunch. It tasted moist and rich plus the cinnamon whipped honey butter added a lush layer. The banana bread tasted decadent.

Deluxe Veggie Omelet

omelet topped with feta and tapenade
Ample vegetables filled the deluxe veggie omelet.

I ordered the deluxe veggie omelet served with plenty of thickly sliced potatoes and I chose whole grain toast on the side.  A dollop of tapenade and sprinkled feta topped the omelet filled with sauteed green peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and tomatoes. The sauteed vegetables tasted tender and delicious, and the tapenade and feta added a zing. Overall, I liked the dish, but I would do without the tapenade.

Bacon and Cheddar Omelet

Gracie’s serves their omelets with a choice of home fries or a side salad.

My husband ordered the local hardwood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese omelet served with potatoes, and he chose lightly toasted rye bread. The omelet was large and plumped with cheese and bacon. The bacon tasted smoky and though cut in minced-size pieces we could tell that it was sliced thicker than the typical store-bought brands because it had more substance. The bacon had a nice crisp that enhanced the velvety cheese. In essence, it was a winner.

creamed chip beef in a bowl
Gracie’s cream chipped beef tasted smooth and fresh.

Creamed Chip Beef

We had grown up on cream chip beef that was pressed, salty and dried. Unlike the creamed chip beef that we knew, Gracie’s cream chipped beef tasted fresh, smoky and had just enough salt to balance the rich cream. We loved it. 


We are fans of Rapa Scrapple, so we ordered a side of Gracie’s scrapple to compare them. In contrast to Rapa, Gracie’s had more cornmeal and less pork. Though it was less greasy, we prefer Rapa. And yes, I know that they make scrapple with pork scraps and many people find it repelling. But, our parents introduced us to it when we were young and didn’t know any better. If you are not familiar with scrapple, you can check out the ingredients.

Gray restaurant with white trim
Gracie’s on West Main is worth a visit.

Gracie’s Leolo, PA

Overall, we enjoyed our meals and took plenty of carryout boxes with us. Before leaving, we stopped in the unisex bathroom and found that the restroom was immaculate. 

Gracie’s on West Main Menu

You can find unique selections on Gracie’s on West Main menu. Their bacon menu includes Irish bacon, sweet garlic chili bacon, and bacon jam. By all means, try one of their grilled cheese sandwiches like their bacon jam grilled cheese. A few other selections that stood out were chicken waffles and an Oreo cheesecake made with French toast or a Belgian waffle.

Cocktails with Your Alcohol

Though Gracie’s on West Main doesn’t serve alcohol, they will mix your drink if you bring your bottle.

Gray restaurant with white trim
Trip Advisor rates Gracie’s on West Main in Leola, PA, #1.

Gracie’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Gracie’s serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. You can dine in, carry out, and order online.

In any event, if you are in the Lancaster County area and looking for restaurants in Leola, Pennsylvania, do yourself a favor and stop in Gracie’s on West Main, you will be glad that you did. But most importantly, go with a hearty appetite and try some of their specialties

Would you go out of your way to try Gracie’s on West Main?  What do you think about some of the specialties on Gracie’s menu? Have you ever heard of scrapple? Please leave your comments below.

Location:  264 W. Main Street, Leola, PA
Hours:       Tuesday to Saturday 7 am to 9 pm
Sunday:     8 am to 3 pm
Monday:    Closed
Contact:    717-556-004



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