Growing Older But Having Fun

Growing Older But Still Having Fun

I don’t plan to calmly glide a sputtering propeller plane to a slow stop at the end of my life. Instead, I will slam on the brakes and overshoot the short landing strip in my Learjet.

Evelyn who is in her 90’s inspires me to live like age is a mere number. She plays tennis several times a week and still makes great shots.

After tennis, she enjoys a gin and tonic while playing bridge with her friends.  I plan to enjoy life and embrace new challenges like Evelyn.

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to improve my writing. Though I have an English degree, I recently returned to school as an undergraduate Mass Communications major.

Returning to school is the most intimidating decision that I have ever made. I protrude like a neon clothed grim reaper as I walk to class among relaxed students clad in sweats, jeans and baseball caps.

My most terrorizing moment was when I had to write a timed news story. The professor instructed the class that the quiz had to be double spaced with specific margins. As I listened to the professor, sweat seeped from my skin, my face flushed and I felt queasy like I was seated in a small plane during strong turbulence.

I reacted because I was a computer novice and I didn’t know how to set up a Word document.   I darted my eyes around the classroom and watched the happy students click away on their stupid computers, while I stared at mine.

I finally slid out of my chair and tentatively approached the professor who sat at his desk. He looked up at me, and this is what I remember from our conversation.

I said, “ Uhh I am very embarrassed, but I don’t know Word and I am used to an Apple so I can’t take the quiz.”

The professor asked, “Ohhh, can you take the quiz home and take it on your Apple?”

I said, “Sure!”

The professor asked, “Can you learn Word?”

I said,“Absolutely!”

The professor said, “Take the quiz home and email it to me”

I said, “Great!”

I immediately relaxed, and I took the quiz home and emailed it to him. The next weekend I spent a couple of hours with my sister who gave me a crash course in Word. The rest of the semester went well and I loved it.

Years from now, as I’m overshooting the tarmac in my Learjet (fashionably late and wearing rose-colored wine glasses), my final tower communication will be: I never stopped learning.

33 thoughts on “Growing Older But Still Having Fun

  1. Loved this post. And how cool of your professor to encourage you in that way instead of, well, it could have gone so many other ways. I’m glad it worked out.

    1. Thank you so much. I really liked the professor because he was great with the kids and me. You are right, it could have been a terrible experience and I was lucky.

  2. That’s such a great thing to be able to say. I hope one day I can say the same. I love learning. And kudos for going back to school – I did that this last coupla years and was *so* relieved to find I was only a few years older than some of the others there.

  3. Good for you, having the guts to talk to your professor. So many people fail because they’re too afraid to ask for help or admit they don’t know something. “Never stop learning” is one of my life maxims!

  4. This is wonderful…how the professor treated you, how you were able to conquer something new, and how you plan to go out with a bang. You’re my kind of lady! 🙂

  5. You are awesome and I’m so glad you found yourself with a professor who obviously loved teaching more than administrating! Congrats on braving a life of perpetual learning!

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