Safeway in Towson, MD — Not Enough Scheduled Staff

I visited Safeway in Towson at noon today. It is convenient, but I hesitate before shopping in this store, because they don’t seem to schedule enough employees.

One lady sliced meat and cheese behind the deli counter that extended around the corner into the prepared food area.

Safeway in Towson Deli
Safeway in Towson Deli

The deli lady was the high point of my visit because she was efficient and pleasant. As she waited on the customer in front of me, I thought that if someone wanted to place a prepared food order (from the other end of the deli), the customer would have to find an employee to wait on them. I wonder how much business Safeway has lost because their counters are not always staffed.

At the checkout, there was one large-order register, a few self-service and two express lanes open.

No Service at Deli and Hot Food Counter
No Service at Deli and Hot Food Counter

A line formed in the large-order lane and a customer asked a customer service employee if it was possible to open another large-order register. The employee immediately opened a new register, but why didn’t he think of that in the first place?

I don’t understand why Safeway in Towson lacks scheduled employees. When I shop at other Safeway locations or competitive stores, I don’t have this problem. Why is this store different?

What is your experience with grocery store customer service?

5 thoughts on “Safeway in Towson, MD — Not Enough Scheduled Staff

  1. I too am a Safeway shopper, although I go to the Owings Mills store. Now that they have all of the self check outs they have fewer check out help and yes, sometimes I get frustrated with the wait! Still like the convenience though and I know where everything is!

  2. Only because of convenience do I go to that Safeway as the customer service really lacks. As you said, there are always only 2 registers open and the self service isle always has a line too. This article is so right on and I have found the Safeway in North Plaza to be in the same category as Towson – most disturbing. Thankfully, I work close to the Shop Rite (the old SuperFresh) in Timonium and their customer service is great! Just not as happy with some of their products.

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