Safeway Towson, MD –Where are Their Employees?

At 5:00 on Friday, I stopped by Safeway in Towson to buy some deli products. When I arrived, there was one deli man diligently slicing meat behind the counter, there were two people ahead of me, and one person was behind me in line. After waiting for about five minutes , a woman arrived to help with the deli orders. I noted that there was a man in the back cleaning. I wondered if he should have assisted customers.

As I checked out, I noticed that the man behind the customer service counter (who was also by himself) was juggling answering the phone and the four customers waiting in line. (I was glad that I wasn’t in that line.)

When I payed for my groceries, my cashier told me that she had been at work since 9:00 and hadn’t had a break.

My heart goes out to the employees at the Safeway in Towson. It seems like there is a lot of pressure to wait on customers without sufficient help.

Even though the store is convenient for me, I think twice before frequenting that Safeway, because I am not a big fan of standing in line.

6 thoughts on “Safeway Towson, MD –Where are Their Employees?

  1. They are always under-staffed. never enough checkout lines open. At Shop Rite they beckon you into open checkout lines!!

    1. The irony is that maybe the Safeway in Towson does not generate enough volume to justify scheduling additional employees, but I am sure there are people like me who will avoid the store because of lack of customer service. Furthermore, I would shop elsewhere if I am in a hurry.

    1. I think that it is a positive that they are concerned with their meat quality.

      I do not have an issue with Safeway, but almost every time that I stop in, they give me something to write about. Recently, I tried to purchase a water bottle at the check out counter. The refrigerator was actually warm. I wondered about the controversy over plastic breaking down. I asked the cashier why the refrigerator was warm. She told me that it had been broken for a long time and the management is a “bunch of cheap skates” and they have no intention of fixing it. I left without a water bottle.

  2. All chain store deli are like this. The cleaning guy is cleaning because his shift will end around 5pm. In the evening my deli also has one worki himself. Why not complain to the manager Maybe you have no awareness about what those people do all day to prep food while the store cuts and cuts their hours and provides little manpower yet drills customer service is first.

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