The Best Cream of Crab Soup — The Narrows Restaurant

Outside of The Narrows Restaurant
Outside of The Narrows Restaurant (photo by dorothyadele)

The Narrows Restaurant in Grasonville, Maryland offers a taste of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The Narrows is a relaxed fine-dining restaurant with a lovely water view at Kent Narrows near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The restaurant caters to blue-jean-and-khaki-clad locals and tourists alike. They specialize in seafood but also offer salads, chicken, quail, steak and more.

I have enjoyed their moist-flaky-mild-flavored rockfish, spicy vegetable based crab soup, fried oyster caesar salad and award-winning-broiled-lump crab cakes. Their food is fresh, filling and flavorful.

However, their award-winning-cream-of-crab soup is the best that I have ever had. I don’t splurge often, but when we dine at The Narrows, we always order the cream of crab soup. Lump crab fills the rich, creamy bisque-like soup. They serve sherry on the side which gives it added flavor with a kick. (If the waitress serves it without sherry, just ask.) The Narrows ships their crab soups and crab cakes, so you may order from their website.

I think you will agree that their cream of crab soup is the richest, most delicious that you have ever tried.

If not, who do you think has the best?

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