The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

The Breakers Palm Beach Luxury Hotel

 Interesting Facts About The Breakers, Palm Beach 

Henry Morrison Flagler opened The Breakers, Palm Beach in 1896, and his heirs still own and run the luxury hotel.

The Breakers Had Burned Down Twice

The Breakers, formerly the Palm Beach Inn until 1901, burned down in 1903 and 1925. The first fire ignited during renovations to expand the building, and the second fire originated in a room where a curling iron was supposedly left on by the Chicago Mayor’s wife.

The architects of the Waldorf Astoria in New York also designed The Breakers that opened in 1926, that we know today.  Furthermore, they based their plan on  Villa Medici in Rome.

The Breakers Palm Beach Lobby
Crystal chandeliers hang in The Breakers lobby that stretches 200 feet. (Photo by dorothyadele)
The Breakers Palm Beach Lobby Ceiling
Seventy-five Italian artists painted The Breakers vaulted ceiling. (Photo by dorothyadele)

Famous Guests

In the early 1900’s, guests included the Rockefeller’s, J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and the Vanderbilts to name a few. Today, presidents, nobility, businessmen, politicians, and movie stars still visit the world-renowned hotel.

Seafood Bar

While dining or sipping cocktails at the oceanfront Seafood Bar, unsuspecting patrons may flinch when they get the impression of something sliding under their plate or wiggling beneath their drink. The bar is a saltwater aquarium that contains marine life including fish, eels, sponges, coral and more.

Seafood Bar at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida is an aquarium.
The Breaker’s Seafood Bar teems with life. (Photo by dorothyadele)
Seafood Bar, The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
An eel forms a heart in the aquarium in Seafood Bar in The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo by dorothyadele)
The Seafood Bar in The Breakers Palm Beach
Customers sometimes jump when something moves in the bar in Seafood Bar restaurant in The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo by dorothyadele)

Detail Oriented Luxury Hotel 

    •  In the Palm Courtyard, orchids are attached to the trunks of palm trees and appear to grow from the bark.
    • Palm Courtyard at The Breakers
      Colorful cushions and flowers brighten the Palm Courtyard in The Breakers Palm Beach. (Photo by dorothyadele)

      Palm Courtyard at The Breakers
      The Palm Courtyard in The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida, is a perfect place to read a book. (Photo by dorothyadele)
  • Crystal chandeliers hang in the lobby as well as the hallways.
  • The receptionists and concierge wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses.
  • Fresh flowers adorn the hotel rooms.
  • Flowers grow and bloom on The Breakers’ seawall.
  • The Breakers Palm Beach Seawall
    The seawall lines the walkway at The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo by dorothyadele)

More Interesting Facts

In 2009, a trapper stole Amazon parrot chicks from The Breakers resort. When he failed to sell them to a pet store, he abandoned the unharmed chicks at the store, and the owner called the police.

Pine Walk at The Breakers Pam Beach, Florida
Amazon parrots thrive in the trees along Pine Walk in Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo by dorothyadele)

The  Egyptian Goose is a combination of duck and goose. Many of them live on the property.

Egyptian Goose at The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
The Egyptian Goose is native to Africa. (Photo by dorothyadele)

The hotel accommodates children with a family pool, camps, and a Family Entertainment Center. Also, the staff keeps a supply of stuffed animals at the lobby entrance.

The game room at the Family Entertainment Center in The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida
The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida has a game room in the Family Entertainment Center. (Photo by dorothyadele)

 Resort Activities

Hotel activities include visiting the spa, tennis, golf, nature walks, biking, fitness, water sports, shopping, dining and more.

Famous for a colorful history, the hotel still attracts celebrities and presidents. But they are also family oriented because they offer recreation for all ages. If you are interested in visiting, check out the hotel website for the latest promotions.

Why do you think about the hotel amenities especially the Seafood Bar?


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  1. Wow! This place looks amazing anf I had no idea how it old it was or that so many famous guests have stayed there!! Love the stunning location and the wildlife is too cute!!

    1. The Seafood Bar is unique and sometimes people don’t realize that the bar is an aquarium and jump when something moves beneath their drink. Thanks for reading my post.

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