The Cultured Pearl Restaurant Review in Rehobeth Beach

The day that I bought the parking permit, we dined at The Cultured Pearl restaurant in Rehobeth Beach. We arrived about 6:00, and we wanted to eat on the outside rooftop, where they have a Koi pond.

The restaurant was fairly empty, and the host was told, by the host staff, where to seat us. Our host insisted on sitting us right next to another couple (the tables were about 12 inches apart). I felt that I had no privacy, and there were numerous tables available that offered more room. I asked the host if we could sit at another table. He shrugged and made me feel uncomfortable for asking. I guess that he was following orders, and he was new. What happened to customer service? Thank goodness I didn’t need to have a private conversation with my daughter, because that would have been impossible.

Within 5 minutes the other tables that I preferred were seated. I really doubt that these people had reservations, because it was early. The people next to me said that The Cultured Pearl always jams people in.

The food was very good. For an appetizer I enjoyed seared tuna over a tangy seaweed salad. The salad was fresh and the tuna was tender.  My daughter liked the miso soup. We split Eastern Shore edamame. Old Bay, green onion, garlic and lemon coated the edamame. The edamame dish was spicy but greasy.

We enjoyed 3 sushi rolls. The Maryland crab, Mexican and Godzilla rolls. The Maryland crab roll had lump crab, scallions and cucumber. Tuna, tempura bits and spicy mayonnaise filled the Mexican roll. My favorite was the Godzilla roll. It had tempura shrimp, avocado, eel and cream cheese. It was served with eel sauce and togarashi.

I would recommend the Cultured Pearl if you don’t mind close seating.

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