The War of 1812 Soldiers

Baltimore Book Festival

I dragged my husband to the Baltimore Book Festival in Mount Vernon Place which ran from Sept. 28-30. Author signings, cooking demonstrations, workshops, lectures, music, tours and poetry readings were among the featured events. Centerstage participated with an open house for tours, demonstrations, performances and more. We went to Mount Vernon on Sunday and the weather was clear and warm with a slight autumn breeze. … Continue reading Baltimore Book Festival

BGE – Slow Response, Inaccurate Information

We lost power for 7 days from Hurricane Irene. Our power went out on Saturday, August 27, about 11:00 p.m. It was restored by 4:30 p.m. the following Saturday. Please click on this link to view a previous Hurricane Irene post. I spoke to Linda Foy, she is the spokesperson for BGE. I asked her what they did differently from Hurricane Isabel. She said they … Continue reading BGE – Slow Response, Inaccurate Information

Cross Street Market in Baltimore’s Federal Hill

Cross Street Market in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Md attracts a polo-shirt-crowd that mixes with the blue-collar locals.  It’s a fun place to eat and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer and absorb Baltimore culture. There are a variety of food options from homemade soup, fried seafood (including Baltimore crabcakes), sushi, raw oysters, steamed clams, shrimp, and mussels; chicken, fries and more. Also, customers can shop … Continue reading Cross Street Market in Baltimore’s Federal Hill