Warning Issued in Bethany Beach, DE to Bicyclist That Slowed for a Stop Sign

Crime Scene Evidence

A police officer issued my husband, L, a warning in Bethany Beach two days ago when he slowed for a stop sign at Atlantic and Garfield Parkway while he rode his bike.

Yes, it is the type that you pedal. It was 9:30 a.m. and my husband said that there were minimal pedestrian and car traffic.

The officer who stopped him said that Delaware received a federal grant for bicycle safety.  Additionally, he said that Delaware treats bicycles like cars. ( I guess that a 10-minute ride through Bethany just turned into an hour.

On the bright side,  you can impress your friends that you rode your bike for an hour and they will think that you rode for several miles, when you actually just stopped at every stop sign!)

Since L does not carry his license when he rides his bike, (imagine that) the police officer gave him a warning. The officer asked him for his address, and of course, my L gave him the correct address. How would the officer know if the address was accurate if the accused does not have identification?  Does this make any sense?

This is information on the federal grant for Delaware.  It seems irrelevant to this situation. Is this another way for Bethany Beach to raise revenue?

On a positive note, it is an entertaining story for a dinner party!

6 thoughts on “Warning Issued in Bethany Beach, DE to Bicyclist That Slowed for a Stop Sign

  1. OMG, really?! So instead of going after speeding cars or drunk drivers, they are wasting time pulling over bicycles – incredible! I guess joggers better take warning – they’ll be the next target.

    1. We had a good laugh over it. I have rarely seen a bike stop at a stop sign unless there is traffic. I believe potential revenue for Bethany Beach is behind it even though he was only issued a warning.

      1. My family lives there all year round. We get five or six bicycle fatalities each summer, and now we have a large group of migrant workers (typically from Eastern Europe) who aren’t well acquainted with the rules of the road who commute to and from their summer jobs on bikes too. I’m pretty sure there’s no intent to turn it into a revenue stream — the town has plenty already. I think the police just want to make sure that people riding through the downtown area aren’t

        The cops aren’t likely to stop you for rolling through the stop signs on Atlantic or Pennsylvania by lightweight cross streets, but your husband rolled through Atlantic at Garfield. That’s the single ugliest intersection in town. If I rolled a bike through the crosswalks of the York Road traffic circle in Towson without stopping — even on a morning when traffic is light — I’d have earned any ticket they dropped on me.

      2. Hi JR,

        Are there really 5 to 6 bicycle fatalities in Bethany each summer, or are you including the other resort towns? Also, the intersection at Atlantic and Garfield can get busy, but traffic was light on that day. I am hard pressed to compare it to the dangerous Towson traffic circle. I have been through both intersections (Towson and Garfield) numerous times.

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