Virgin Gorda International Airport in the British Virgin Islands

Why We Like Virgin Gorda, BVI

Top Reasons to Visit Virgin Gorda BVI

We love Virgin Gorda in the BVI in the Caribbean because it’s uncrowded, uncommercialized, and the crime rate is low. In addition, not only do you have the beaches to yourself, but locals do not disturb you with a sales pitch to buy drugs, jewelry or more.

For us, there is enough to do. The Baths offer an interesting place to explore and snorkel, and if you want to hike, you can climb Gorda Peak. In addition, restaurants serve great food and you can meet the locals at the bars.

However, Virgin Gorda is not for everyone, and if you need scheduled activities, it may not be the place for you.

Mountain Trunk Bay is an example of one of Virgin Gorda’s pristine beaches. (Photo by dorothyadele)

Virgin Gorda has Limited Crowds

1) We love that customs and immigration usually take less than ten minutes.

2) Crowds are limited because cruise ships must anchor and shuttle passengers in on tenders. Plus only small planes and helicopters can land on the airport runway.

3) Take off, landing, and flying in a small plane is an adventure, and occasionally you can copilot.

Virgin Gorda International Airport in the British Virgin Islands
Only small airplanes can land at Virgin Gorda International Airport in the British Virgin Islands. (Photo by dorothyadele)

Welcoming Locals

4) Locals greet travelers with a smile and seem to appreciate tourism. Moreover, the locals’ favorable attitude ensures their tourists feel at home, therefore adding to the visitors’ positive experience.

Hospital, Fire Department, and Jail in Virgin Gorda, BVI
Hospital, Fire Department, and Jail is my favorite building on Virgin Gorda, BVI. (Photo by dorothyadele)


5) The island is not commercialized.  Colorful homes and businesses dot the island, and there are no chain hotels or obtuse structures to block your view.

6) White sand beaches usually have a scattering of people unless a cruise ship is anchored, or tourists are visiting from other islands.

Boulders supply landscape obstacles in Virgin Gorda. (Photo by dorothyadele)

Great Snorkeling

7) Coral reefs provide great snorkeling and you are not battling the crowds.

Low Crime

8) The crime rate is low so you feel safe walking alone.

Driving a car is Easier on Virgin Gorda

9) While driving, you don’t see many cars. Therefore tailgating is rare.

10) With no red lights and few stop signs, you can comfortably cruise the island, except for navigating the mountains and sharp turns.

Excellent Food and Casual Attire

11) Restaurants feature everything from fresh grilled lobster, sushi, barbecue, grilled steaks, pizza and more.

12) Casual attire is acceptable almost everywhere.

A sunset view from Virgin Gorda, BVI.
There is nothing like watching the sunset from Virgin Gorda, BVI, Caribbean. (Photo by dorothyadele)

The Baths

13) Many visit Virgin Gorda specifically to explore the beauty of The Baths where overlapping boulders bulge out of the land and water, providing a granite maze where tourists trek through caves and pools of this natural wonder.

14) Mountain roads offer a challenging workout with views of the shimmering royal blue water and boulder-studded mountains.

Gorda Peak

15) Hiking to the highest part of the island, Gorda Peak, takes about 35 minutes. At the top, climbers ascend a double-tiered ladder to a platform that offers a magnificent vista of the BVI.

16) Visiting other British or US Virgin Islands by ferry, boat, or plane is easy, and a must do.

Virgin Gorda, BVI
We love swimming in the crystal water on Virgin Gorda, BVI. (Photo by dorothyadele)

To sum up, some of my favorite aspects of Virgin Gorda is that it’s safe, uncrowded and uncommercialized.

What do you think about visiting laid-back Virgin Gorda or would you prefer a place with more to do?


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