Hurricane Irene, Power Outages and BGE

Hurricane Irene knocked out power at our home on Saturday, August 2, about 11:00 p.m. Today is September 1, and we still do not have electricity.

The most frustrating issue is, we were given 2 specific times when power would be restored. (My neighbor had a side bet on these times.) Tuesday, September 30 by 11:00 p.m. was the first date that I received from the BGE hot line. The second date was Wednesday September 31 by 11:00 p.m. I owe my neighbor dinner because he bet against these dates. I wish BGE would have been honest and definitive. I think that they should pay for this dinner, don’t you?

I had a positive experience today. I saw a Baltimore Gas & Electric  truck about a mile from my home. I told  the men my street name. I asked them to please check into the problem. Twenty minutes later they drove down my street and found my home because they saw my car. They drove into my driveway to give me an update. They found the issue and believed that it was a quick fix. They called the location into BGE. I appreciated their follow-through.

 We are without power, and there is no sign of any BGE trucks. There was something positive that resulted from losing electricity.  We spent quality time with our wonderful neighbors Cheryl, Jeff, Ruth, Charlie and Trevor. We shared delicious grilled meals, wine  and humorous stories. That was a blessing.

One thought on “Hurricane Irene, Power Outages and BGE

  1. cheryl says:

    We went through so many emotions while we were without power for 7 nights. It started as an inconvenience, it then grew into frustration. We surely thought we would have power in 3 or 4 days. How can a cat 1 hurricane take out over half of BGE’s customer base? Then anger as we received inaccurate information from the home office daily. By the end, it was utter defeat. However, one emotion went full circle for me. It was the dedication of all the line workers in the field. I am speaking of the BGE linesmen and all the contractors who came from numerous states. I came to know many by name and they really seemed to care. I will now spend several thousand dollars on a generator. Not because I am afraid of a storm. Because I KNOW my power will go out for days since there are trees hanging close to every power line I seem to see. Maryland, we can do better. Other states don’t seem to have our power problems.


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