Bluestone Restaurant, Baltimore — Consistent Quality

I recently visited Bluestone Seafood Grill & Fishmarket at 11 W Aylesbury Road in Timonium, MD. Their phone number is 410-561-1100.

I love their Flash-Fried Calamari appetizer with Thai sauce. The calamari is light and crisp, and the Thai sauce is sweet and tangy. The sauce makes the fried calamari unique. In my opinion, deep-fried calamari with marinara sauce does not compare to Bluestone’s calamari.

Bluestone is known for their Fried-Green Tomatoes topped with lump-crab meat. The crab and tomatoes are drizzled with lemon-butter sauce infused with garlic, shallots and chives. The crab with the tomatoes and spices are a delicious combination.

My favorite appetizer is the Seared Rare Ahi Tuna. The tuna is sushi grade and served with ginger, and spicy-wasabi-cucumber sauce. When we split appetizers, I always order the ahi tuna.

I like their Chicken Cobb Salad. It includes grilled romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled egg, bacon and blue cheese. The grilled romaine makes the salad distinctive with a crisp-tender-smoky flavor. I request the lemon-vinaigrette dressing on the side. (I limit my salad dressing, so I can rationalize adding several hundred calories when I order dessert. I can’t imagine why I can’t lose weight!)

Recently, I ordered the Tuna Tacos with rice and black beans. Seared ahi tuna over sliced green, yellow and red peppers, was served with warm tortillas and tomatillo sauce, pico de gallo, and mango and papaya salsa. It was spicy, flavorful and filling. I think they should have additional tomatillo sauce, and mango and papaya salsa on the side. I felt like I was rationing it.

My son ordered the Firecracker Salmon with rice and stir-fried-crisp-tender vegetables. A seasoned balsamic-teriyaki sauce glazed the salmon. He loved it.

I occasionally order the fresh-fish special for lunch. I am never disappointed.

Every Tuesday, Bluestone offers bottled wine at 1/2 price when you place a food order. If you enjoy wine, this is a great time to visit.

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