New Expectations for 2013


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New Year’s Day arrives with slight sadness because the hectic gift buying, decorating, baking and party planning is over. But January brings new expectations. After New Years, I “undecorate” my home and happily anticipate return to my daily routine.

I love to trudge to the woodpile and hear the hard snow crunch under my boots . My large loyal dog skips in circles around me as I make my trek. He acts like the trip is a big game. Once inside, the orange-popping warmth radiates from our fireplace as we engage in family-dinner conversations. I learn that there is a lot that I don’t know about my children (and will never know).

My kitchen window offers entertainment. In January, the brightly colored blue birds usually find the heated bird bath that perches on my deck railing. The rare fresh water offers drinks and relief on frozen days. Sometimes several bluebirds, as many as five, dip their beaks and flap their wings in the bath.

I watch red-crested and yellow-breasted- black-and-white-winged woodpeckers compete at the suet feeder. Occasionally, I glimpse the elusive Pileated Woodpecker (who looks like Woody Woodpecker). The striking black bird stands about 16-inches tall with white stripes that line both sides of its face and throat. The woodpecker sports a brilliant red crest which sharply contrasts with its black and white coloring. The bird is stunning.

I visit Home Depot‘s inside garden department in winter and inhale the greenhouse-like warmth and humidity. Sweet fragrance from creamy white gardenia flowers permeate the air. The fragrance reminds me of spring, and I can’t resist taking a plant home.

I look forward to seed catalogues to plan my spring and summer gardens. I grow some of my flowers indoors from seed. I plant them in moist dirt in black seed trays covered by a clear plastic lid which increases humidity for germination. I watch for tiny green leaves to slip out of the soil. When I remove the plastic cover, I breathe the humid- soil-moist air that reminds me of warm days working in my garden.

I anticipate lacrosse season because I enjoy the brutal excitement of the game. Lacrosse means spring has arrived. I dress in hats gloves and scarves for the cold early March games. I know that by May, I will watch games wearing shorts and t-shirts.

2 thoughts on “New Expectations for 2013

  1. Barbara Wood says:

    Hey Dottie…thank you for your post on the Narrows. Billy and I look forward to stopping the next time we head downy O. Sometimes we head over to the Jetty Dock Bar nearby for a “bite”, music and dancing. The band A CLASSIC CASE sometimes plays there and they are super good. Looking forward to trying that yummy Cream of Crab!!! Blessings to you and your family for a fantastic 2013


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