Deanie’s Seafood Restauant New Orleans

Our cab driver recommended Deanie’s Seafood in the French Quarter for lunch yesterday. I knew that it was a good choice when I noticed policemen and several other local folks dining in the restaurant.

The waitress brought us boiled-red-skinned potatoes with butter before taking our order. They were slightly spicy and filling. When the waitress delivered our drinks she told us about the specials. I was distracted by the huge size of the drinks and I had to ask her to repeat the specials.

My bloody mary was rich and spicy with a hint of Worcestershire​ sauce. Shrimp, green beans and olives garnished the drink. It was a great bloody mary. I know this will surprise many of you, but somehow​ I managed to finish it.

We split barbecued shrimp which were actually shrimp sauteed in a buttery-barbecued-like sauce. We loved them. Next we split grilled oysters. The oysters were topped with seasonings and parmesan cheese. I thought that the parmesan gave the oysters a different twist. They were great too. Bread accompanied both dishes for dipping, and we also used the potatoes. The sauces were delicious and I suspect very fattening. Who cares, we are in New Orleans! My entree was seafood gumbo which had small shrimp and rice.

It was a great first meal in New Orleans. I would definitely return.




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