Bayeux, France

Light Show in Bayeux, France

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When we walked the streets of Bayeux, France, we happened upon the light and sound show at the cathedral entitled “RENDEZ-VOUS À LA CATHÉDRALE, LES LUMIÈRES DE LA LIBERTÉ.”

As we listened to ten stories celebrating France’s journey to freedom and liberty,  colors painted the “Tree of Liberty” and the Bayeux Cathedral in iridescent hues of red, pink, purple, green, blue, white, orange and gold.

In the French language, these stories commemorated the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the Allied landings, the freedom of the press, the freedom to love,” and more.

The show was a pleasant addition to our Normandy trip.  This year’s light show runs from 7/11/17 to 8/26/17.

Normandy, France
Bayeux Cathedral glows during the light and sound show in France.
Bayeux, France
Lights illuminate the “Tree of Liberty” in Normandy, France.
Bayeux, France
The Bayeux Cathedral bathes Normandy, France in color.


Bayeux, France Light Show
The lights resemble fire on the “Tree of Liberty” in Normandy, France.


3 thoughts on “Light Show in Bayeux, France

  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of White Night here in Melbourne, where all the buildings light up and tell a story 😃🐻

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