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Best Part of Super Bowl New Orleans — Our Travel Companions

Super Bowl

I relish my Super Bowl experience in New Orleans like I savor an end-cut-of-prime rib with an aged cabernet sauvignon. I relive it through photos, videos, writing, and music like “Dynamite” and the “Seven Nation Army.” Those songs rocked our tailgate.

I traveled with my husband, our nephew, his lovely wife, my beautiful niece and my endlessly entertaining 17 and 23-year-old children. Super Bowl highlights evolve around our family.  Following is a list of my favorite Super Bowl memories ending with the best Jazz Band and Limbo on Bourbon Street. 

  •  We tried bananas-foster pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning, and we dined on shrimp, gumbo,    étouffée, raw oysters, steak and more during the weekend.
  •  It snowed when we left Baltimore, but the weather in New Orleans was in the 60’s and we wore shorts.
  •  At River Walk, in the Hilton Hotel, and on Bourbon Street we saw many people that we knew. In addition, we partied with good friends and laughed heartily.
  • Our girls started the limbo and others joined in. We danced before a drum-pounding-jazz band, and we used one of our purple boas as a limbo stick.
  • Our girls tossed brightly colored purple, pink, gold, red and green-beaded necklaces from the second floor of a local establishment into the hands of colorfully-attired partiers on Bourbon Street.
  •   We attended an amazing Super Bowl tailgate hosted by generous friends. We ate cheeseburgers and hot dogs and socialized with several Baltimore friends including our regular Ravens’ tailgaters.
  •  The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. What could be better than that?
  •   Our family shared a residence and that was one of the best parts. We laughed often because our motley group delivered a constant comedy show.
  •   I watched my star-struck son’s facial expressions as he encountered celebrity-football stars.  His enthusiasm invaded us all.
  •  We traveled with the perfect group creating lifetime memories. It is not where you are  ( we were in a special place) but who you are with!

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