Deanie’s Seafood Restauant New Orleans

Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant

Our cab driver recommended Deanie’s Seafood in the French Quarter for lunch yesterday. I knew that it was a good choice when I noticed policemen and several other local folks dining in the restaurant.

The waitress brought us boiled-red-skinned potatoes with butter before taking our order. They were slightly spicy and filling. When the waitress delivered our drinks, she told us about the specials. The massive size of the glasses distracted me, and I had to ask her to repeat the specials.

Bloody Mary

New Orleans
Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant serves a large bloody mary.

My bloody mary was rich and spicy with a hint of Worcestershire sauce. Shrimp, green beans, and olives garnished the drink, and I liked the bloody mary. I know this will surprise many of you, but somehow I managed to finish it.

Barbecued Shrimp

We enjoyed the barbecue shrimp at Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans.

We split barbecued shrimp which were actually shrimp sauteed in a buttery-barbecued-like sauce and they served a large French baguette with them. The shrimp tasted good but the barbecue sauce made them heavier than I expected.

Grilled Oysters

We split the grilled oysters at Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant in New Orleans.

Next, we shared grilled oysters. Seasonings and parmesan cheese topped the oysters and I thought that the parmesan gave the oysters a different twist.

Bread accompanied both dishes for dipping, and we also used the potatoes. The sauces tasted rich, and they were high in fat and calories. My entree was seafood gumbo which had small shrimp and rice and that was also tasty but filling as I expected.

New Orleans

With that said, we enjoyed our first meal in New Orleans. Though local employees seemed yo populate the restaurant,  the large portions combined with bread and potatoes made me think that it was a place geared for tourists.

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