Dimly lit industrial designed hallway with metal doors and exposed ductwork above.

Economical and Eclectic: NYLO Irving/Las Colinas

NYLO Irving/ Las Colinas

My husband and I felt honored when we received our invitation to attend a wedding ceremony in Irving, Texas, for a special couple. The bride and groom selected a stylish hotel, NYLO Irving/Las Colinas, for their out-of-town guests and as the venue for their outdoor wedding.

NYLO Irving Hotel Decor and Rates

I found that not only does the durable design of NYLO in Irving/Las Colinas create a throw-back tone but most importantly they charge a reasonable rate.

A lime green door brightens the brick fronted NYLO, Irving, Texas hotel entrance.
Guests enter through the lime green front doors at NYLO, Irving, Texas.

NYLO Hotel Cost Saving

The hotel design is cutting-edge modern, and we paid only about $89 per night plus taxes and fees, for one of the rooms reserved for the wedding guests. I checked their website, and rooms start around $95.

Decked out in industrial decor, the NYLO, Las Colinas, marries form with function. This blend creates a unique ambiance with a few surprises.

Colorful designs and shapes modernize the NYLO Irving, Texas elevator door.
The multicolored elevator door adds a flash of color in NYLO Irving/Las Colinas, Texas.

When we arrived at the NYLO Irving/Las Colinas hotel, the brick walls and exposed pipes convinced me that I had entered a historic renovated warehouse. I learned that this was not the case. The owners had built the hotel from the ground up and created a contemporary atmosphere that felt authentic.

Eclectic NYLO Irving/Las Colinas

The NYLO hotel decor combines stylish industrial design with open spaces. Concrete walls, floors, and ceilings;  metal doors and fixtures; and pendant lamps; create an eclectic mood.

Dimly lit hallways and visible ductwork and pipes produce a quiet ambiance. But, the lime green front doors and the artistically designed multicolored elevator add unpredictable color.

Lighted vertical sign for the BAR
The Loft Bar at NYLO Irving/Las Colinas is a fun place to congregate.

NYLO Hotel Bar

Inside, NYLO Irving hotel provides several places to congregate. Examples include the expansive lobby or The Loft Restaurant and Bar. Also, adjacent to the NYLO hotel bar, you can find the game room equipped with a pool table, large screen t.v., books, and seating. I was surprised to find books, do millennials still read them?

Guests can relax in the sun or undercover near the pool at NYLO Las Colinas
NYLO Irving/Las Colinas offers a courtyard for outdoor events.

NYLO Courtyard

Outside, you can catch some sun and swim in either of the two heated pools in the courtyard. If the sun is not your thing, NYLO/ Las Colinas also provides an undercover bar and seating.

There is something special about an outdoor wedding, and the courtyard at NYLO/Las Colinas provides an excellent venue. As guests, we watched a lovely couple exchange wedding vows in the landscaped square furnished with white chairs and flowers. We truly enjoyed the ceremony and the evening Texas weather.

Brick walls flank a window behind the bed’s headboard.
The window behind the bed added welcome light to our NYLO Irving/Las Colinas room.

NYLO Irving  Rooms

My most important criterion for selecting a hotel is cleanliness. NYLO Irving/Las Colinas measured up to my standards. Furthermore, our bed was comfortable, and we both slept well.

In addition to reasonably priced rooms, an attentive staff maintains the NYLO hotel rooms. For example, the air conditioner behind our bed struggled and hummed when the air kicked on. We called the front desk, and a maintenance man arrived promptly and replaced the unit.

With minimal storage space, we requested extra hangers for the closet.
NYLO, Irving/Las Colinas amenities include an iron, ironing board, and ice bucket.

NYLO Hotel Minimal Storage

With that said, our room at NYLO Las Colinas was a functional room best for sleeping, showering, and dressing. The hotel room had minimal storage space. A narrow but high closet contained a small cabinet with three open shelves and a covered one. Plus, one of the shelves held a red safe.

Three open shelves, a red safe, and an enclosed shelf fill the bottom half of the closet.
NYLO Irving/Las Colinas hotel offers minimal storage space.

Without much drawer space to store our clothes, we asked for extra hangers for our attire, and the staff readily provided them. We lived out of our suitcases which worked out fine since we were only visiting for a few nights.

Additionally, when I plopped down on our small brown velvet sofa, I landed a little hard. My point is that the seating is not designed to cozy up with a book, but it’s ok to check your email.

A large globed floor lamp hangs over a rectangular brown velvet sofa.
Our minimalist designed NYLO Irving/Las Colinas, Texas, guest room maximized space.

NYLO Irving and Dallas, Texas

I believe that’s NYLO designed their hotel with large communal places to draw guests out of their rooms. Anyway, who wants to sit in a hotel room when there is so much to do in the hotel and see in Irving and Dallas, Texas?

A small television plugs into the wall next to the shower door at NYLO, Irving, Texas.
The shower at NYLO Irving, Texas, curves into the bedroom.

NYLO Hotels

Located within minutes from the airport and the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, NYLO Irving is easily accessible. Moreover, you can bring your pet.

NYLO Las Colinas hotel chain includes five hotels and you can find three located in Texas, and the other two in New York and Rhode Island. For their latest deals, check out their packages online.

Also, you can become an NYLO hotel member. Amenities include free WiFi and bottled water. Plus, membership makes it easier for you to upgrade your room.

The Ranch at Las Colinas

In addition to attending a wedding for a couple meant for each other, kudos to the groom’s family who hosted the rehearsal dinner at The Ranch at Las Colinas.

We felt warmly welcomed by both families and their friends, and we feasted on a down-home spread that included some of the best fork tender Texas brisket, fall off the bone barbecue ribs, and macaroni and cheese that we had ever tasted. Also, we couldn’t resist the pecan tarts and the decadent chocolate cake. If you are visiting Irving, I  highly recommend The Ranch at Las Colinas.

Irving and Dallas, Texas

As shown above, we thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and our trip to Dallas. We appreciated the money-saving rates and the exposure to the unique decor.

Moreover, I think that the millennials may have rubbed off on us. Yeah, I’ll text u about it later, I’m fomo and need to check FB and IG then google where I’m heading for my next solo trip.

What are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about the modern decor at the NYLO Irving/ Las Colinas? Do you think that the rooms are priced reasonably? Please comment below.

Also, check out my future posts for a must-see in Dallas and an excellent restaurant for breakfast.

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16 thoughts on “Economical and Eclectic: NYLO Irving/Las Colinas

  1. I just love going to weddings! Probably because they are travel haha! This looks like a great trip and great hotel 🙂

  2. What a bargain hotel, for $89 a night, I’d stay here for as long as possible! It looks amazing as well, great value for money.

    1. Katherine, it was a good deal and the hotel had amenities like the pool and courtyard.

  3. It looks like a great space to have an event! And it’s great it was affordably priced, as well – really important when it comes to inviting wedding guests.

    1. Cynthia, you are right, it is important to find affordable priced rooms for wedding guests. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Slow Travel, thanks for your comment, the price for NYLO Irving is cost-saving.

  4. Wow! I love the whole minimalist/industial look of that hotel. I’d love to stay there. It reminds me a little of one in Iceland called Kex. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Backpack Becki, the NYLO Irving is industrial design to the max. Thanks for reading.

  5. I think the hotel is a great deal. I don’t mind the lack of drawer space, I usually only hang up what would get wrinkled and then leave the rest in my suitcase. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    1. Anisa, thank you for your comment. For two nights, the lack of drawer space worked out fine. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Camila, I agree with you. The place was a little stark but the bed was comfortable and our room was clean. Thanks for your comment.

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