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Golf Mishaps and Humor

I love it and hate it at the same time. I hate the horse flies that cut into my skin with their barbed mouths and the mosquitoes that puncture me. I also hate feeling frustrated for lacking athletic ability.

I love the exercise, competition and exhilaration from success. But most importantly, I love the laughter. When Danielle and I play golf, we become a spectacle.

The first time that we played, we spotted two men on the tee behind us. We were intimidated and worried that we were slowing their game.

We tried to speed up our game. Instead of hitting my ball in the hole, I grabbed it off the green, ran to the “getaway-golf cart,” and I jumped in and told Danielle to floor it so we could escape the men.

When we arrived at the next tee, we nervously glanced back as the two men loomed ominously. We skipped that tee, but the men were still right behind us. I wondered if the men were afraid of the group behind them and they were skipping tees too.

We finally let them play through. At least we learned this valuable lesson quickly.

We made another scene when we hit golf balls at the driving range. There are two parallel yellow ropes on the ground about five-feet apart that run the length of the driving range. This is the area where you hit balls.

We were at the end of the driving range and rope. While attempting to hit the ball, Danielle  missed and hit the rope so hard that it wrapped around her body. I imagined the headline “Woman Strangles Herself While Driving Golf Balls.”

We laughed hysterically but quietly hoping we didn’t disturb the serious golfers. Have you ever tried to laugh quietly while your body is convulsing with laughter?

Golf Partner
Golf Partner (photo by dorothyadele)
When Danielle and I climbed into the cart to play golf yesterday, rain poured even though it was not in the forecast. We laughed because we felt that it was a typical golf day for us. All went well, and I hit Danielle in the back with a golf ball only once.

22 thoughts on “Golf Mishaps and Humor

  1. I literally laughed out loud reading this – it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    On Monday, one of my roommates and I went to Six Flags for the day. The forecast said 40% chance rain, however it ended up raining for 6 hours. And not just raining – DOWNPOUR. Even though the park ended up completely closing and we had to wait hours for our bus to arrive, we ended up having a blast and created memories we’ll have for awhile.

    How hard did you hit Danielle with the golf ball? Haha.

  2. You guys sound like a hilarious pair. I liked how you were respectful of the “serious” golfers but having a blast at the same time. The photo is great too, giving a cheerful face to your words.

  3. Oh, funny! My whole family golfs except for me. I’m terrible and they’re all competitive, which makes it awful to play with them. I’ll pass…

  4. Your last line made me laugh the loudest! You two sound like you have a blast. It’s been a long time since I played golf. The people behind me always made me nervous. Now I realize I must not have been laughing enough! Great photo too!

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