View of Midtown Manhattan from the Lotte New York Palace. Sticky post

Lotte New York Palace | Luxury Hotel Review

 Palace New York Hotel Formerly the Helmsley Palace and then the New York Palace, today the Lotte New York Palace, in my opinion, has neglected attention to detail, unlike the previous owners. Lotte New York Palace Address The Lotte New York Palace is located at 455 Madison Avenue at 50th Street, New York, NY 10022. Customers can choose between booking rooms or suites in the … Continue reading Lotte New York Palace | Luxury Hotel Review

Rolf's German Restaurant is in Gramercy. Sticky post

Rolf’s German Restaurant

Rolf’s Restaurant Address Three of us stood in line to get in Rolf’s German Restaurant at 281 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010, in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan. Rolf’s is renowned for their Christmas decorations and “October Fest” spectacle. Rolf’s New York City Christmas About 100,000 lights are twisted around garland and poles. Thousands of ornaments and icicles hang from the ceiling and walls mixed … Continue reading Rolf’s German Restaurant

Don't miss the hot chocolate at Squish Marshmallows. Sticky post

Union Square Holiday Market

Manhattan New York Urbanspace Union Square Holiday Market Union Square Holiday Market is an Urbanspace project in Manhattan New York. Vendors sell holiday merchandise including Christmas ornaments, accessories, art, specialty food, and more. Stalls line the stone mortared paths at this world-renowned Christmas market that runs from November 16 to December 24, 2017. My daughter and I tried on wool hats and scarves, smelled sprigs of lavender … Continue reading Union Square Holiday Market

They offer traditional French cuisine. Sticky post

Le Bistro Du Village

Restaurant Review Le Bistro du Village–Formerly Crepe Du Jour Mt. Washington, Baltimore, Maryland  When I approached Le Bistro du Village in Mt. Washington, I spotted the red awning that hung over the bright blue and yellow restaurant front. Flower-tiled patio tables equipped with blue chairs lined the sidewalk in front of the entrance like the sidewalk cafes in Paris. I was looking forward to dining … Continue reading Le Bistro Du Village

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Mt. Washington in Baltimore

Mt. Washington Baltimore Visitors and locals alike head to Mt. Washington in Baltimore, Maryland, to shop in a relaxed atmosphere. This quaint town is the perfect place to spend a few hours ducking in and out of boutiques looking for that must-have. Generally speaking, shopping there is like a vacation from the busy city and malls. Furthermore, if you like art, browse Baltimore Clayworks to … Continue reading Mt. Washington in Baltimore