Hilton Columbia Center, SC

Best Hotel: Hilton Columbia As the mother of a University of South Carolina Gamecock, I have concocted plenty of excuses, good reasons to visit our student in Columbia, SC. Though over the years we had split our stay among five hotels that had met my criteria for cleanliness, we now frequent the Hilton Columbia Center at 924 Senate Street. The Vista We love the Hilton … Continue reading Hilton Columbia Center, SC

Columbia, South Carolina

Flowering Cherry Trees in Columbia, SC

When I visited Columbia, South Carolina the last weekend in February, not only were white cherry trees blooming along Gervais Street in The Vista but the daytime temperature ranged in the 80’s. The spring weather allowed University of South Carolina students to flock to the recently opened local pools. Spring flowers and warm temperatures during the winter months are among my top reasons why I love … Continue reading Flowering Cherry Trees in Columbia, SC

Moonhole home built in a opening

You Can Still Stay in Moonhole Bequia, SVG

 Moonhole Bequia When Tom Johnston drew his plans in the sand to build his home in Moonhole on Bequia (Beck-way), did he know that magazines and newspapers from afar would send journalists for the story? Did he know that his decision to build his unstructured home in a dangerous location would have a lasting impact on the people of Bequia and those who visited? In … Continue reading You Can Still Stay in Moonhole Bequia, SVG

The Courtyard focal point is a glimmering pool.

The Setai Miami Beach: Luxury Hotel

The Setai Miami Beach I have never experienced anything like The Setai luxury hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida. The hotel’s Asian style hospitality transports you out of busy Miami into a cocoon. Not only do you feel protected, but the staff pampers you until you ultimately unwind. Your transformation begins when you step inside the brown and tan toned hotel designed with simple furnishings. … Continue reading The Setai Miami Beach: Luxury Hotel

Basil's Bar is on Britannia Bay

Mustique Attracts Celebrities and Royalty

Mustique St Vincent and the Grenadines Royalty Princess Margaret had become famous for attending and throwing wild parties on Mustique in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Some of these parties included scantily clothed young men. Why wasn’t Princess Margaret concerned about journalists publicizing her bad behavior?  Celebrities Other famous visitors included Paul Newman, Rachel Welch, and David Bowie. Today, you might see Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, … Continue reading Mustique Attracts Celebrities and Royalty