Why You Should Shop Soda City Columbia, SC

Soda City Market

Hoping to grab a quick breakfast on Main Street, Columbia, SC, my husband and I stumbled upon Soda City market. We took a left off Gervais Street by the South Carolina State House, and I spotted tents in the distance. We saw people strolling while carrying shopping bags. Moreover, some held leashed dogs, so we knew that the venue was dog-friendly.

Tents probably meant food and shopping, so we meandered toward them. It was only about 9:30, and the market was still uncrowded.

Shoppers stroll Main Street Columbia, South Carolina.
As the morning wears on, people flock to Soda City in Columbia.

Soda City Hours

Soda City vendors set up shop Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the market is open year round rain or shine. With that said, if I were a local, I would shop the market weekly to fill my pantry, refrigerator, closet, jewelry box, and cosmetic cabinet.

Soda City Vendors

Bright lime, yellow and blue macaw parrot
A macaw perches on a vendor’s arm at Soda City on Main Street.

Columbia Exotics

As we started down tree-lined Main Street, we couldn’t miss the colorful macaw parrots. We learned that Columbia Exotics rescue and rehome these exotic animals.

Soda City Macaw Columbia, SCAfter I took a few photos, we thought that it was proper to leave a tip. We figured that Columbia Exotics was at the Soda City market to not only find homes for the birds and animals but to earn money for their care.

In addition to the parrots, large rabbits rested in open cages, and passersby stopped to pet and cuddled them. I wondered if these rabbits were unwanted Easter pets.

Mad Yum Muffins

As we continued, all I cared about was food. I inhaled pungent Mexican spices that drifted through the warm air. Preferring something lighter, I scoured the vendors looking for breakfast.

Finally, we stopped at Mad Yum Muffins that advertised homemade artisan muffins. Selections included Boppin Blueberry, Banana Nut, Cream Cheese Danish, Devil’s Chocolate, Pineapple Ricotta and more. I could have tried them all.

However, since we were attempting to watch our weight, we decided to split a muffin called the Hulk. Not only was it vegan but it was also free of gluten. To top that off, it included ten grams of protein.

Believe it or not, a half muffin satisfied us.  Not only did we enjoy the slightly sweet taste but we liked the moderate consistency. It was not too heavy or too light.

Additionally, the Mad Yum Muffins’ owners told us that next door at the Boss Farms’ tent, we could buy Mad Yum Burgers at Soda City on May 12. These burgers will consist of meat from Boss Farms’ grass-fed cattle, and if you are shopping the market, you should try one.

Ally and Eloise Bakeshop

Ally and Eloise Bakeshop sells delicious cupcakes and more.

The muffin held me off for a few hours until I saw the Ally and Eloise Bakeshop. I had to try one of their mini cupcakes, and luckily my husband didn’t want any of mine.

I chose the chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. The cake tasted like the baker had taken it out of the oven as soon as the batter had set. It tasted moist and chocolatey and the creamy frosting added to my bliss.

From Scratch Baked Goods

Another bakery option is From Scratch Baked Goods. They sell everything from homemade sourdough bread to cinnamon rolls, strawberry rolls, and granola. Since most of their bakery items sold quickly, if you want one of their specialties, I suggest that you get to the market early.

From Scratch Baked Goods chalk board with lines through sold-out items.
From Scratch Baked Goods sell out quickly.
Succulents, flowering plants, and red gerbera daisies rest on a plant table.
This vendor displays succulents, daisies, and plants at the Soda City market.

If you are looking for garden items, you can find Soda City Farmer’s Markets that sell flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables, and even hydroponic lettuce and herbs.

Antique green refurbished pick up truck at Soda City, Columbia, SC.
A vendor sells flowers out of an antique green truck.
Bright red strawberries are displayed in white plastic containers.
This vendor sells fresh strawberries, cider, and preserves.

Soda City Freshly Prepared Food

La Cochinita features several dishes including Mayan Style Barbecue. Other options include Taqueria, Spanish Paella, Avocado Toast, Fuperman’s Potstickers, and so much more.

La Cochinita employees prepare Mexican specialties.
La Cochinita features Mexican specialties.
Orange/yellow truck at Soda City advertises fresh Mexican food.
Shoppers can enjoy authentic Mexican specialties at Soda City on Main Street.
Paella bubbles in large pots at Soda City market in Columbia, South Carolina.
Spanish Bite sells paella at the Soda City market in Columbia.

While you are deciding what to eat, why don’t you sip on a healthy kombucha flavored with strawberry or “Rockin Raspberry” from Lil Duck Kombucha?

Black kombucha menu on a lime green truck at the Soda City market, Columbia.
A vendor sells Kombucha at the Soda City market in Columbia, South Carolina

Soda City Jewelry

Visit the market to add to your jewelry box. Check out the necklace display at Eco Jewelry from “The Nut Lady.”

Bright green red, aqua, and yellow necklaces displayed at the Soda City market.

A jewelry vendor displays earrings at the Soda City in Columbia, SC.

Soda City Clothing

You can also find clothing for children and adults alike. Check out SC Wildflours for adorable handmade children’s clothing. Many of the outfits designed for girls resemble Lilly Pulitzer. It’s never too early to introduce your little one to the preppy look.

Circa Barber Shop

Surprisingly, if you need a haircut or shave, you can get one on the sidewalk at Circa Barber Shop.

Barbers shaving and cutting hair Under a tent at Soda City Circa Barber Shop.
You can get a haircut and shave at Soda City, Columbia, SC.

For tableware and cooking, you can select from unique pottery.

Green, yellow, blue and cream pottery displayed at Soda City market.
Soda City displays colorful ovenware and tableware.

If you like colorful farm art, check out the vendor below. Also, if you love birdhouses, this is the place for you.

Colorful cows, gamecocks and sea life artwork and bird houses at Soda City, Main Street.
Shoppers can find colorful artwork at Soda City, Columbia, SC.
Shoppers walk Main Street’s Soda City market In Columbia, South Carolina.
Vendors and shoppers fill Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina.

Soda City Vendor List

The Soda City market vendor list covers the gamut from hot sauces, honey, yarn, donuts, children’s clothing, fragrances, and more. Plus, you can eat and shop your way through Soda City and catch the entertainment. They feature family events that include live music, children’s games, street performers and more. For details, you can find information online.

When you are in Columbia, South Carolina, you should put Soda City market on your must-do list.

Do you know why Columbia is called Soda City? Have you ever visited the Soda City market? Please comment below.


Soda City Columbia SC

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  1. If I ever get to go down to see my granddaughter, I’ll be sure to put this on the list. Nicely written and informative.

    1. Jill, thanks for your comment, I wish we would have discovered Soda City sooner.

  2. I am totally in heaven here! I would love to live close to Soda City just for this market. The food and trinkets alone are totally my jam! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Katherine, thanks for your comment, Soda City is worth the trip. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. That market looks like so much fun. Plus there seems to be plenty of good food choices. Those strawberries look delicious and of course, I would have to try the taco truck. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Anisa, thank you for your comment, Soda city offers alot of food choices. I liked the looks of the strawberries too. #TheWeeklyPostcard

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    1. At Lifestyle Crossroads, thanks for your comment, our muffin from Mad Yum Muffins tasted delicious. #TheWeelyPostcard

    1. Margarita, thanks for your comment, I too like that Columbia Exotic rescues animals. Also, I agree that the farm art is funky!

  5. I’m drooling, it all sounds delish. You were very restrained on the muffins, i’m impressed! I need to visit here on an empty stomach 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cat, Soda City offers a wide variety of food so it’s a great idea to go hungry.

    2. Cat, thanks for your comment. At Soda City everything looked and smelled delicious, it’s worth a stop.

  6. I always go to markets whenever I travel. This one looks super fun!! I’ve been to Charleston SC but never Columbia… would love to, though. SC is a special state!

  7. I love visiting markets like these that are full of delicious food and goodies. It’s always wonderful to support the local vendors. We make an effort to look for these city markets. We’ll definitely keep it in mind when visiting Columbia.

    1. Mary, thank you for your comment, you should definitely check out Soda City and sample some of the local specialties.

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