The Occupy Movement Today: DP Challenge

I wrote a post about the Occupy Movement about a year ago. When I visited the occupiers, it was difficult to find articulate people.  Some occupiers did not fully understand why they were there. Many of the occupants were  homeless.  Some participants were paid. I featured a young lady in my post because she communicated well.

I don’t think that the occupiers understand that business owners provide jobs and many offer health insurance options. Businesses will fold if the government substantially raises their taxes. At the very least, higher taxes may force companies to downsize and dismiss some of their employees. I noted that some of the occupiers were not interested in employment. I am sure (and hoping) that this is the exception.

This week the occupiers  and  the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad plan to meet. He despises the US and Israel. In his UN speech according to a Fox News article  he accused  the United States of domination and bullying. According to a CNN report he calls for the elimination of Israel.

Other than divisiveness, what good could develop from the occupiers meeting with Ahmadinejad? I  guess that he wants to divide and conquer. The occupiers are playing right into his hands.