The Courtyard focal point is a glimmering pool.

The Setai Miami Beach: Luxury Hotel

The Setai Miami Beach

I have never experienced anything like The Setai luxury hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida. The hotel’s Asian style hospitality transports you out of busy Miami into a cocoon. Not only do you feel protected, but the staff pampers you until you ultimately unwind.

The Setai equips their beach with umbrellas and comfortable chairs in Miami Beach
The Setai equips their beach with umbrellas and comfortable chairs in Miami Beach, Florida.

Serenity at The Setai

Your transformation begins when you step into the brown and tan toned hotel designed with simple furnishings. Not only do the understated colors have a calming effect, but you can indulge in an excellent spa, Asian cuisine, sweeping ocean views, and top-notch service, all modeled to inspire serenity.

The Courtyard focal point is a glimmering pool.
The Courtyard retractable roof allows guests to enjoy the stars and ocean breeze.

In The Courtyard, overstuffed chairs and soaring palms line the length of a glimmering pool that encloses a fountain.  Additionally, The Courtyard roof retracts, and guests can enjoy listening to the fountain trickle and absorb The Setai decor inside and out. This beautiful venue creates the ultimate place for meditation or muted conversation.

Orange roses add color to The Setai luxury hotel.
The Setai displays brightly colored rose buds in urns.

Though soothing decor inspires meditation, don’t be surprised when you turn a corner and behold splashes of bright pink or red rosebuds gathered in metal pots. Moreover, you might spot brightly colored oranges assembled in a clear bowl. These colors are concocted to brighten the decor and the mood.

Not only does the color scheme conjure peace and happiness, but the hotel staff ensures that their guests are ultimately satisfied. With this in mind, the staff provides spotless hotel rooms and meticulous attention to detail and customer service.

Setai Definition

The Bar at The Setai designed in shades of brown and tan
The Bar at The Setai in Miami Beach is the perfect place to socialize.

Formerly the Dempsey-Vanderbilt hotel, The Setai still feels like a special place. According to, the definition of Setai means household or family unit. You will find from the moment that you check in, that the hotel employees will happily assist you.

The Setai Hotel Experience

When we exited our car in front of the hotel, the bellman removed our luggage from the trunk and handed us a ticket ensuring that he would deliver the bags to our room. We entered the dimly-lit lobby where the atmosphere seemed subdued.

The front desk agent welcomed us, and we followed him to a room nearby to check in.  He offered us warm white towels to freshen our hands and cold lemongrass iced tea.

Tan walls and brown seating Asian decor
The walls and furnishings at The Setai are an example of Asian decor.

The temperature was in the 80’s, and we welcomed the iced tea. Not only did it quench our thirst, but it tasted slightly sweet with a hint of ginger. While we sat in the room, we completed our check-in, and I couldn’t help but think that the procedure was more like a ritual rather than a routine. I began to relax.

After the agent finished the paperwork, we rode the elevator up to our Art Deco Suite. As we walked toward our room, music drifted through the hall fusing with a pleasant fragrance.

Art Deco Suite

The handmade Swedish Duxiana king-size bed
The Setai Art Deco Suite offers a dining and sitting area.

Bathed in understated light and soft music, our suite was perfectly prepared. Dark cherry colored wood floors, cream-colored walls, and sleek brown rectangular tables and lamps created an elegant design.  Beyond a brown square table with two chairs, my eyes focused on a luxurious Duxiana king size bed. As I scoured the room, I couldn’t find a prominent clock. Owing to the lovely bed and unobtrusive clock, this was the perfect room for us.

The The Setai bath with a white robe and rolled towels
Guests enjoy white terrycloth robes, slippers and Frette linens at The Setai.

Our room included a large bathroom with double-above-the-counter vanities and a black-tiled shower. The shower system streamed water from two directions with a faucet attached to the wall and a rain shower that flowed from above. Moreover, against the wall stood a black granite tub.

A brown straw beach bag is one of The Setai's amenities that we can purchase.
We had the option to purchase the beach bag in our room.

An in-room Nespresso machine allowed us to brew coffee and tea at our whim. In addition to a stocked minibar, we had robes and slippers, a beach bag, and a rain umbrella available for our convenience. It appeared that the management hadn’t missed a detail.

A rain umbrella in The Setai suite
The Setai offers their guests an umbrella for inclement weather.

The Ocean Suites

In addition to the Art Deco Suites, The Setai offers one to four bedroom Ocean Suites. Some of these suites offer sweeping sea and city views and feature gourmet kitchens.


The Setai Large Outdoor Lounge Chair with pillows
The Setai offers huge lounge chairs equipped with several pillows.

In addition to The Courtyard, The Setai hotel features three large outside pools. Each one is set at a different temperature to accommodate their customers’ preferences. Arranged poolside and beachside are large padded comfortable lounge chairs with plenty of pillows. Furthermore, The Ocean Grill is situated between the beach and pools, and they serve exceptional cuisine.


Vijayudu Veena has been with The Setai since 2008. Today, as the executive chef, he oversees the four restaurants: Jaya, The Ocean Grill, The Lobby Bar, and The Courtyard.  Veena fuses flavors from Asia’s regions to create unique concoctions. My favorite restaurant is The Ocean Grill because it serves hand-crafted cocktails and delicious food seaside.

Palm trees against the sky look black.
Palm trees appear dark against the sky near The Setai in Miami, Florida.

The Spa at The Setai by THÉMAÉ

I indulged in a facial at The Spa where they use products created from four kinds of tea. Each tea has a distinct property.  Green tea is an antioxidant; white tea regenerates; red tea soothes, and black tea stimulates.

The esthetician assured me that they would use the best products for my skin, and I was happy to learn that she felt that one of the miracle moisturizers might improve my appearance.

An orange sets in the center of a globe at The Setai
The Setai adds a surprising splash of color by displaying an orange.

As I lay on the table, I listened to soft music while inhaling an herbal fragrance. The esthetician cleansed then massaged my face. I regulated my breathing, and I had mellowed.

When I returned to our room, my husband said that I looked refreshed like I had taken a nap, and my skin glowed. I believed this was a result of the Zen experience.

The Fitness Center

Palm trees and beach grasses line Miami Beach, Florida
Palm trees and beach grasses line Miami Beach, Florida.

The hotel provides a fully equipped gym that includes trainers for yoga, pilates, and private training. Also, they offer beachside yoga.


Tan and brown tones and dim lighted lobby at The Setai
Colors that summon comfort grace The Setai hotel.

From the time that we had arrived until we left, I felt immersed in a culture devoted to an exceptional customer experience. When we reluctantly departed and the doorman held open the door exposing the busy street, I felt like I was leaving nirvana.

The SetaiMiami Beach 3

The Setai Luxury Hotel

A palm tree lined street in South Beach, Miami
Pedestrians stroll the palm tree-lined street in South Beach Miami, Florida near The Setai.

Have you ever experienced a hotel like The Setai where the hotel staff coddles their customers? Please comment below.

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  2. Wow, these rooms really thought of everything. A true luxury hotel experience!! I do find the room to be very calming with the rich brown tones. I wonder how many roses are in that floral arrangement – it’s stunning as well!

    1. That’s a good question, I can’t imagine how many roses they use in their arrangemnts throughout the hotel.

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    1. Thank you for reading, and it is a destination but you can step outside to vibrant South Beach Miami.

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