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Booked in a Paris Brothel

When I was a high school sophomore, during spring break, my French class flew to Paris, France. Our French teacher and a few parents chaperoned our group of 18 girls. Little did we know that the travel agent had booked us in a Paris brothel. Our French teacher, Mrs. M, had arranged everything, and the travel agency had offered us a package that was reasonably … Continue reading Booked in a Paris Brothel

Our Labrador retriever was a loyal dog. Sticky post

Funny Dog Story

When I entered the kitchen around 7 a.m., my husband glared at me with bleary eyes  marked with half-moon circles. I poured my coffee and said, “What’s wrong?” “I was hoping to get a full night’s sleep last night because I have a busy day. Didn’t you hear the dog whine at 4:30 this morning?” “No, I didn’t hear him or I would’ve gotten up.” … Continue reading Funny Dog Story

Unforgettable Hilarious Night

My brother-in-law, Sam, had made the mistake that has haunted him for decades. He divulged valuable information to the wrong people. He told my boyfriend Bob, who is now my husband, and me that his mother mentioned that he looked like Burt Reynolds. She was right, he had Burt’s rustic look with dark hair, a mustache, and heavy eyebrows that framed his brown eyes. Regardless, … Continue reading Unforgettable Hilarious Night