Anegada, British Virgin Islands is quiet.

Untouched Exquisite Anegada

We had grabbed our bags to board our flight from Anegada when a calf sauntered across the fenced airport runway. Emergency staff climbed in a yellow fire truck and drove down the runway to chase the calf away. The staff herded the calf to the other side, not needing to power-wash him with a firehose. That was excitement on laid-back Anegada, where about 250 people reside on … Continue reading Untouched Exquisite Anegada

Photos of Virgin Gorda Designed Around Boulders

Virgin Gorda’s homes, landscapes and roads are designed around granite boulders. According to BVI Welcome, these boulders were formed about 50 million years ago through a process that pushed slabs of molten rock up from the ocean floor. The cooling of the rock and weathering caused them to contract, crack and pock making each one unique.       Continue reading Photos of Virgin Gorda Designed Around Boulders

Virgin Gorda International Airport in the British Virgin Islands

Why We Like Virgin Gorda, BVI

Top Reasons to Visit Virgin Gorda BVI We love Virgin Gorda in the BVI in the Caribbean because it’s uncrowded, uncommercialized, and the crime rate is low. In addition, not only do you have the beaches to yourself, but locals do not disturb you with a sales pitch to buy drugs, jewelry or more. For us, there is enough to do. The Baths offer an … Continue reading Why We Like Virgin Gorda, BVI

Goat Shot on Virgin Gorda

Goats bleating and roosters crowing, some clueless about dawn’s arrival, awakened us each morning in Virgin Gorda. Skittering anoles, singing frogs and dancing butterflies made us feel like we were in a sanctuary safe for all. Unfortunately, that changed today. I was sitting on the porch sipping coffee when I spotted a pickup truck driving down the dirt trail adjacent to our rental. It stopped. … Continue reading Goat Shot on Virgin Gorda